Best Axe for Splitting Wood: Tips and Reviews

The cold winter is coming and you would like to have a natural fire burning inside your fireplace? Or you can’t wait for the cool summer evenings to fire up your outdoor hearth and enjoy a good read by the fire? Or perhaps you just want to save a little on your energy bills? In any case, you need natural wood and a way to split it.

Splitting wood is not an easy job, especially for newbies. That’s why finding the right tool is imperative. The best splitting axe for wood should be easy to handle, durable enough to last a lifetime, and suit your budget. Let’s take a closer look.

Best Axes for Splitting Wood list

Axe for Splitting WoodLengthWeightPrice
Gransfors Bruks Large Splitting Axe27 in.5.7 poundsCheck
Price external-link-16
Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter36 in.6.7 poundsCheck
Price external-link-16
Fiskars 375841-100136 in.6.3 poundsCheck
Price external-link-16
Estwing E3-FF4 “Fireside Friend”14.2 in.4 poundsCheck
Price external-link-16
Fiskars X15 Chopping Axe, 23.5-Inch23.5 in.3.45 poundsCheck
Price external-link-16
Husqvarna 19″ Wooden Splitting Axe19 in.2.2 poundsCheck
Price external-link-16

Choosing the Best Axe For Splitting Wood In a Flash

The axe might look nice, have a great price and be available to buy right now. But what else should you consider before actually making the purchase?

Can You Lift It Easily?

Even the most durable and on-budget axe in the world won’t help you split wood if you are having trouble lifting it. If you are buying an axe at a brick-and-mortar store, spend at least 5 minutes swinging it around. Can you do it easily? Then the axe is a good choice.

Meanwhile, if you are about to make a purchase online, check out the weight parameters. You can find something at home that has a similar weight and try to swing it for several minutes. While it might seem as a ridiculous action at the moment, it can help you make the right choice.

How Long is the Shaft?

The length of the shaft allows you to control your actions and gives you a more powerful strike. A shorter shaft is easier to control while a longer one can give you better results in one swing. Again, all depends on how easily you can handle the axe. If you don’t have any experience with wood splitting, it’s better to go for a shorter shaft.

Is the Axe Durable?

It’s hard to tell how long the axe will last just by looking at it. However, there are a few tricks to consider. A solid piece axe is a more durable option. Meanwhile, it can be harder to sharpen. If you can test the axe before buying it, look at how well the head is attached to the handle. If the pieces are moving even a little, the axe is not worth your while.

What Job Do You Need it For?

If you already know that you’ll be splitting smaller pieces of wood, then you don’t have to opt for a large and hard-to-wield axe. Go for a small model or vice versa, in case you have a big job ahead of you.

6 Best axes for splitting wood

After doing extensive research, we came up with six options that can help you find the best wood splitting axe for your needs.

Gransfors Bruks Large Splitting Axe

Are you a beginner wood splitter, who is under 6 feet tall? Then this axe is a wonderful choice for you. The product is lightweight with a short 27” handle.


It’s a nice fit for small wood splitting for your fireplace or hearth. As a bonus, the axe comes with a nice leather sheath to protect the blade when not in use.

The head is crafted out of durable steel while the handle is made out of hickory. It’s a classic splitting axe for your household needs.

The small size of the axe doesn’t make it any less durable or functional. It’s very well sharpened and makes cutting a pleasure rather than a tough task.

The axe comes with a metal collar guard to protect the product from mishits and hard/knotty wood. Depending on how often you use the axe, the blade can stay sharp for a very long time.

Things We Like

    • Lightweight (only 3.5 lbs.)
    • High durability
    • Impressive edge sharpness
    • Suitable for small and medium tasks
    • Comes with a leather sheath

Things We Don’t Like

    • High price
    • Not suitable for tall users

Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter

If you are looking for a heavy-duty splitting axe, you’ve found it. This product can become an integral part of your toolbox without any second thoughts.


The axe head is made in Germany using high-quality carbon steel. The Swiss handle is manufactured out of certified hickory.

Once you pick this axe up, you realize that you have a truly worthy tool for your wood splitting needs. The axe weighs 8.5 pounds.

In the box, you get a leather (made in USA) sheath and 1-oz bottle of axe guard to keep your tool sharp longer.

The length of the handle is 36 inches. It might be a hard-to-wield tool for the beginners, who are not used to flexing their muscles. However, this is exactly what makes this axe a wonderful choice for heavy-duty splitting.

It’s a good option for people, who work with hard-to-split knotty wood that most of the lightweight and easy-to-handle axes can’t deal with. It can do a good job with oversized logs while exquisitely splitting the smaller pieces of wood.

The axe is durable and well balanced. You won’t feel any vibration when working even on the toughest and largest pieces of wood. It stays sharp for a long time.

Things We Like

    • Impressive durability
    • Can deal with knotty and gnarled wood
    • Works for large pieces
    • Comes with a sheath and an axe guard
    • High-quality steel

Things We Don’t Like

    • High price
    • Large and heavy

Fiskars 375841-1001

This long yet moderately lightweight splitting axe can be a smart choice for taller users. The long handle and small head design make the axe more durable.


This tool is made for super efficiency. The special design allows you to increase the swing speed and get better wood splitting results with less effort.

The axe can be a good option for tall people planning to work with medium to large sized wood. The tool can be used on smaller pieces of wood as well but with less efficiency.

This can be a good choice of axe for beginners or people who don’t have extensive muscle strength. The axe is designed to make each next swing more effective and powerful.

The handle is lightweight yet rather stout. The tool is well balanced and doesn’t vibrate when splitting even the toughest logs.

The blade is made out of hardened forged steel, which allows it to stay razor-sharp longer. The sharpening process is simple.

The axe comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a big bonus for those looking for high-quality product. Such warranty speaks for itself.

The head has a unique shape, which improves wood splitting to help you create nice and even splits for your fireplace.

Things We Like

    • Impressive durability
    • Smart design for easier handling
    • Suitable for tall users
    • Easy to handle

Things We Don’t Like

    • Might need extra sharpening before first use
    • Requires good aim

Estwing E3-FF4 “Fireside Friend”

This solid piece axe is a great choice for all types of wood splitting, especially when you are on the go. It’s a small tool that you can take camping.


The nylon vinyl coating of the handle provides a shock-reduction grip. This nice feature can allow you to split wood longer.

The axe is made out of strong construction steel. It’s easy to handle, clean, and store.

The item weighs only 4 pounds. Such light weight can be a great advantage for smaller jobs but can’t help you with large pieces of wood.

The tools is versatile. It has a sharpened blade on one side and a maul on the other. So you basically get a 2 in 1 deal.

The axe has a short handle, which is perfect for beginner wood splitters. However, more experienced woodworkers might want it to be a little longer to get a better swing.

So if you are looking for an easy-to-handle, lightweight, and moderately priced tool, which is suitable for a small wood splitting job, this axe can be a perfect choice.

Even if you need to split knotty and hardwood, this small axe can do the job. You just need to be ready for some struggle.

The tool comes with a nice sheath to protect the blade.

Things We Like

    • Small and lightweight
    • Easy–to-grip handle
    • Moderate price tag
    • Suitable for small wood

Things We Don’t Like

    • Not suitable for large wood splitting jobs
    • Might be unsuitable for tall users

Fiskars X15 Chopping Axe, 23.5-Inch

This lightweight small axe is great for a variety of wood splitting jobs. If you are planning to use it at home to get pieces of wood for your fireplaces, it can be a perfect choice.


The unit comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a great advantage for wood splitting axes. If manufacturers are ready to offer you such warranty, it means that they are sure the tool won’t break.

This chopping axe can do a great wood chopping or splitting job for your household needs. The hardened steel blade allows the tool to make precise and deep cuts.

The insert-molded design keeps the blade securely locked inside the handle to avoid any accidents that might happen with multiple-pieced axes.

This tool can be a great choice for people who enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping. It’s easy to transport thanks to a special plastic sheath with a handle.

The hard limbs might not be something you want to use this axe on due to its size. But small pieces of wood can be chopped and split easily.

This axe is suitable for all users, regardless of their experience or muscle strength. So it can be a great household item for backyard wood-related chores.

Things We Like

    • Perfect choice for camping and outdoor activities
    • Suitable for all users (beginners and experienced)
    • Lightweight and easy to transport
    • Moderate price tag

Things We Don’t Like

    • Doesn’t cut through hardwood
    • Too small for big jobs

Husqvarna 19″ Wooden Splitting Axe

This wood splitting axe is small and lightweight. In fact, it’s so small, you only need one hand to work with it.


Even though it’s not too large, this axe does a good job splitting medium-sized pieces of wood and easily goes through knotted logs.

The axe head is made out of durable Swedish steel. It stays sharp for a long time while appearing very stout.

The axe comes with a sheath, which makes it easy to store and transport. Meanwhile, the sheath keeps the axe sharp longer.

The hickory handle is short enough to be used with just one hand but long enough to be wielded with both hands, depending on the type of the job or personal preferences.

This is a suitable axe for splitting fireplace wood. It can be a good choice for camping and other outdoor activities due to its small size. Meanwhile, it can easily be used for your gardening needs.

You can also use this axe to chop small branches off the trees. So the tool is rather versatile.

The axe head is securely attached to the handle so there is not vibration during the splitting. The overall design of the axe is durable as well.

Things We Like

    • Small and lightweight
    • Can be used for splitting and chopping
    • Durable built
    • Suitable for one- and two-hand operation

Things We Don’t Like

Not suitable for splitting large wood

And the winner is

While choosing the best axe for splitting wood depends on many factors, we believe that the absolute winner on the market is Husqvarna 19″ Wooden Splitting Axe.

It’s suitable for a variety of splitting and chopping jobs, offers impressive durability and can accommodate people of all skill levels.

This axe is a good choice for household wood-related chores and can offer you a hand during camping and other outdoor activities.