SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table reviews

If you’re skilled in casual wood project, and has the ability to plan and make work pieces all by yourself then, a flexible power tool such as SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table might be your need to complete your little workshop. But, in regards to purchasing one, frequently it turns out to be a problem in choosing the right item. Things develop into more complexes if you are left with a lot of choices at the hardware store and woodworking shops. After all, some of them are intended for hard-core experts. Therefore, instead of confusing yourself, do the things easier. Gaze at the models and brands that are reliable for years for giving impeccable service to its customers. For something else, think what Skil RAS 450 benchtop router table has to give you.

The SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table is suitable both for novice and professional craftsman. It is portable that can use in tight space and the extension provide additional space for your job.

Product Description

Skil has developed to one of the primary names in the industry of power tool since 1924. All the company products have reputation for giving top-notch durability and performance and the SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table is no exemption. It equipped with all of the major parts and features that a reliable table router must have. The built in table is flat and has a friction-resistant features along with aluminum materials for additional durability and stability. Design with single piece fence helps in to provide more accuracy in tool routing. What’s more, the skil ras450 benchtop router table is the only router table that fits all SKIL routers and also accommodates all other leading types of routers existing. The integrated master power starter comes with detachable key. This links the router with work light or vacuum but need to buy separately.


SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table Features and SpecificationsKIL RAS 450 benchtop router table features and spec are:

  • Skil ras450 benchtop router table measures 35 x 15 x 16 inch weighing 17.5 pounds
  • Build with aluminum table that makes this router table durable
  • It has a 450 square inches wide work space with extensions.
  • This product can also be used for additional decorative touch to the moldings.
  • Designed with one piece fence
  • The major power switch comes with removable key is for combining the table router with work light and vacuum
  • This product is compatible to other SKIL routers as well as to foremost models of routers available.
  • Mounting holes are located at the bottom of the table router legs
  • Batteries are sold separately and come with one year warranty


  • With a dimension of 35 x 15 by 16 inch and only weighs 17.5 pounds, the SKIL RAS 450 benchtop router table is extremely convenient for routing it all over the area of your working space. Since this product comes with extension, it offers all the room you want to make the most demanding projects. If you want an additional decorative finish to the moldings then the Skil RAS 450 router is the ideal power equipment for you.
  • The SKIL RAS 450 router can be obtaining at a very reasonable price; it has a large table which will work properly in many home shops.
  • It is also portable and suitable for those who don’t have extra space in their shop to make a keen router table.
  • Easy to install and user friendly as well
  • The router table legs are strong enough to survive regular use, and the extension offers a lot of additional space for your project.
  • For longer task pieces the additional couple inches can create a huge difference in the quality of cut.
  • The SKIL RAS 450 benchtop router table fences are convenient to alter and keep in place properly. It will last for how many years because of quality materials comprise in making this state of the art router.


The SKIL RAS 450 benchtop router table does not take bigger bits, however you can return the product upon purchasing as it comes with warranty. On the hand, still a lot of customers amazed by the features comprise in this power tool. It has extension for additional space and sturdy legs table that can survive your regular use. This features is enough to consider this product a must have.

Customer Reviews and Score

The purchasers of the SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table is consider to a good buy in practical price. The built-in extension according to many customers is a fantastic idea because longer task pieces the additional space can produce a huge difference in the cut quality. It has an adjustable fence. In customer reviews, they are all agreeing regarding the perfectness of this product fort the normal carpentry works. Although some stated that it is suitable for professional woodworking.


his SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table Review will help you to understand the difference of this product to other table router available. It has unique features, making this tool suitable to any woodworking job.