Taps are thread-cutting tools that you use when you need to form threads inside of holes in different materials. Tap wrenches are necessary to turn the taps. Let’s start with wrench types.

The Best Tap Wrenches

Hanson 12002 T-Handle Tap Wrench

This tap wrench can be used with taps and other tools that should be turned by hand. You can easily adjust and tighten the wrench to suit the size by twisting knurled nut.

The hole features holding jaws to ensure better gripping onto smaller taps. You can also expand the t-handle to its full length in either direction to ensure more leverage.

Things We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient to hold in one hand
  • Adjusts to different sizes
  • The handle can be offset
  • Perfect for light-to-medium torque forces

Things We Don’t Like

Not the best option for large projects


This tap wrench features a straight handle designed for more convenient use and greater leverage, especially when you use it with larger tapes. You can also use it with reamers, screw extractors, and other tools.

The tool is made of quality steel to serve you for many years. You can use it in hard to reach spaces for a wide range of tasks, including assembling of furniture, bicycle repair, machinery manufacturing, and so on. You can also use it for smaller tasks, for example for children’s toys. The handle provides a nice balance for proper alignment.

Things We Like

  • Great leverage
  • Quality materials
  • Will built
  • Easy to use

Things We Don’t Like

The chrome finish makes the tool look cheaper

Schroder RS40064 Tap Wrench

Schroder is a famous manufacturer specialized in production of turning parts. They are known for quality tools made of quality materials, and this tool isn’t an exception. This tap wrench is an ergonomic, high-quality tool for small DIYs and huge projects. No surprise it is exported to many countries and many professionals use tap wrenches of this brand.

The jaws are made of quality steel; knurled chuck ensures a secure grip on square drivers. With this tool, you can rest assured that you will get precise ratcheting action for accurate work. Therefore, it allows you to handle small projects with ease.

The tool has an adjustable t-handle that you can position from side to side for extra convenience and more leverage in tight areas. With the convenient selection switch, you can choose a left or right-hand operation, or lock it in one position. This tap wrench is a perfect choice for everyone that needs a tool for screw extraction, rethreading and turning taps.

We also liked that it comes in a professional case with a lid and two replacement chucks. Great value for this price.

Things We Like

  • T-handle ratcheting wrench
  • Special jaw design
  • Can handle square and hex drive tools
  • Comes with replacement chucks
  • Professional storage case
  • Made of quality materials

Things We Don’t Like

The tool could have a finer ratcheting mechanism

Starrett 93A T-Handle Tap Wrench

This tap wrench can be used for holding taps, reamers, drills, and other tools that should be turned by hand. It is made of quality materials to withstand regular use. The body of the wrench is centered.

The jaws conform to an item being held, which reduces the chance of loosening it. The wrench features the sliding handle that is held frictionally. This feature allows the handle to be removed quickly or positioned in a way that leverage is applied when working on quarters. The tool is small and lightweight.

Things We Like

  • Heat treated to withstand regular use
  • Body is centered
  • Can hold all tools that are turned by hand
  • Jaws conform to the item being held

Things We Don’t Like

The knurled section is a bit rough

Vermont American 21903 Tap and Reamer Wrench

This tap wrench is one of the best on the market. The tool is made of forged steel; besides, it is produced in America according to high American standards. This one is a real challenge to break. Well made reamer and tap wrench that comes for a really good price can handle all types of jobs.

The tap wrench jaws are tempered and hardened for extreme durability. With this tool, you’re sure to handle all your projects.

Things We Like

  • easy screw adjustment
  • Handle taps with square drive ends
  • Quality materials
  • Made in the US

Things We Don’t Like

The shafts are not chromed which makes the tool look cheaper

Drillco 2000AW Tap Wrench

This is an adjustable tap wrench that has one threaded handle that is attached to the clamp. The clamp can be easily opened to insert the item and then quickly tighten down to secure it. The clamp never loosens up, so any need for retightening it. The wrench can be used with larger taps and is the most convenient when you have enough place for a bigger tool. You can also use it for other tools such as screw extractors and reamers.

The tap capacity of this tool is 5/32 inches. The reamer capacity is 11.16 inches. This tool is in our personal top 5 list, and we highly recommend giving it a try.

Things We Like

  • Last a lifetime
  • Made of quality materials

Things We Don’t Like

Heavier than other wrenches listed here

Hanson 1766069 T-Handle Tap Wrench

This tap wrench features one of the most convenient sliding handle with a tension tap. This is a small, fine, lightweight tool for hobbyists and everyone in construction trades and carpentry. Everyone should have at least one durable, reliable solid wrench, and if you still don’t have any, this is going to be a good choice. This tap wrench can quickly get the job done, considering its excellent balance, effectiveness and convenience.

This wrench works great regardless of how many times a day you need it. It makes changing taps much faster, without the need for anything else. For example, if you do a bind tap, you can quickly free it by using a ratchet handle, adjustable wrench and by moving the tap handle towards the end for greater leverage. And even when you use this wrench every day, it still looks like you just bought it.

The only little problem we had with it is that when the wrench arrived, the handle didn’t change its position. We quickly fixed it with a lubricant, and everything else was just perfect. Overall a great wrench.

Things We Like

  • T-handle tap wrench
  • Sliding handle
  • Spring tension tap
  • The handle can be extended to full length
  • better leverage
  • Carded

Things We Don’t Like

When you get it, you need to use a lubricant to change the position of a handle

Irwin Tools 21112 Tap Wrench

This tap wrench features a three-position gearbox for efficient, quick ratcheting action. The tool is specifically designed for use with reamers, taps, screw extractors and all other tools with square shanks. The wrench is made in the USA and shipped from America, as well. Irwin Tools manufactures professional-grade hand tools for trade professionals who need durability and extreme performance. The company has several warehouses within the country, so the tool will be delivered within several days. The tool is made of quality materials according to American standards.

You can use it for a wide range of jobs, for example, to rescue stripped bolt holes, fix children’s toys, assemble furniture and so on. We could give this tool 5 stars, but sometimes it lets go of the inserted tap. The tap wrench doesn’t have a locking adapter like some other wrenches in the list, but other than that it is a great tool for everyday use.

Things We Like

  • Designed for use with all tools with a square shank
  • Made in the USA
  • Made of quality materials
  • Efficient ratcheting action
  • Three-position gearbox

Things We Don’t Like

When the tool arrives, you have to alter it a bit

The winner

Schroder RS40064 Tap Wrench with its steel jaws and knurled chuck. This wrench delivers everything you need, including a secure, firm grip on all tools with square shanks. It offers precise ratcheting action for quality work. This tap wrench is perfect for turning taps, screw extractions, and rethreading.

Things You Should Know

Double-End Adjustable

The first type is double-ended adjustable wrenches that many people call bar wrenches. They have one threaded handle which is attached to clamps. When you need to insert the tool, you open the clamp and then tighten it down to secure the tap. This type of wrench is normally used with larger taps or when you have enough space to comfortably turn a large tap wrench.


T-handle is a more compact type of wrenches. These wrenches have a collet to secure the tool. The collet consists of two pieces: four collet fingers and the nose cap. The fingers thread on the outside and the nosecup is screwed into the fingers. Then the fingers clamp onto the tool.

T-handle tap wrenches are useful in hard-reach areas and when extra reach is necessary. They are more convenient to carry and hold.

The hole of the collet fingers can be stepped (have many diameters) or graduated. Graduated t-handle wrenches can accommodate many different taps but they hold them less securely. The stepped tap wrenches can accommodate only 2 sizes of taps but will hold them much better.

Even if you’re just starting with tap wrenches, you need more than one tool to work with different tool heads. As a rule of thumb, try to find the smallest size that can accommodate the tool head because it reduces the chances of breakage from the extra force.

How To Choose The Right Tap Wrench

Now you have the basic knowledge of what a tap wrench is and how they work, and you can narrow the choices available through other characteristics of this tool.

Size and Shape

There are many adjustable tap wrenches on the market that can accommodate many different tool heads. However, they often aren’t that strong as their fixed counterparts. Professionals barely work with adjustable taps. We recommend users who are looking for a compact tool for their small DIY projects get one or two adjustable wrenches that cover all sizes. If you’re going to use your tap wrench regularly for bigger projects, you should get a set of fixed wrenches.

Boxed and open-ended wrenches are the most popular, and how many of them you need depend on how often you’re going to use them. If you only perform basic home jobs, 8 wrenches of different sizes are enough. If you want to use them for all types of projects, invest in 22 wrenches.

The Measurement Type

Wrench heads can be measured either in standard or in metric sizes. Metric wrenches use millimeters, and standard wrenches use inches. Professionals often get wrenches that cover both standard and metric sizes, and there are wrenches that offer a combination of two. If you have to choose, standard measurements are used in DIY projects, older US-made cars and furniture assembly. For other purposes, it is better to get a metric wrench.

Durability and Materials

Materials are the crucial feature of any tap wrench because some of them offer much better corrosion resistance and ensure durability, while others break down when you apply extra force. Chrome plating adds are corrosion resistance, and the highest quality wrenches are made of chromium-vanadium. Wrought iron and cast iron offer great durability, as well.