Jigsaws are some of the more popular tools one can expect to see in a woodworker’s workstation. Its popularity also extends to light metalworking and the shop floors of many artisans due to an important ability. This is the jigsaw’s ability to cleanly cut through wood and light metal, as well as, other materials with ease.

Jigsaws are also notable for the diverse features they bring to cutting materials compared to the traditional hand saw that’s still been used in many places. That been said, today’s post will discuss the best jigsaws currently in the market. These jigsaws come in different shapes, sizes, and prices but they accomplish the task of cutting through materials excellently.

The Criteria for Choosing the Best Jigsaws

Before naming something the best, it is expected that the criteria for scoring these items, must be set. So, for the best jigsaw saws, the selected criteria include the flowing details:

Build – Even in a practical industry like woodwork, many professionals and hobbyists still look out for aesthetics. Thus, the build criteria focus on the design and ergonomic features of the jigsaw. It also takes into consideration features that simplify the process of making use of the jigsaw tool.

Motor Capacity and Stroke per Minute – To be able to cut through more than wood, a jigsaw power tool must be powered by the right motor. The ability to deliver varying speeds and an optimal stroke enhances the precision level and the time taken to complete cutting tasks.

Additional Features – To stay unique and stand out from the competition, original equipment manufacturers integrate new features within the devices they build. This is also the case for jigsaws and this criterion will focus on some of the unique ideas integrated into a jigsaw and how it helps with cutting through materials.

With these criteria in place, the question, what are the best jigsaw saws or tool can be answered with ease. For those who do not want to read much but simply pick a tool, the short answer includes:

  • The Bosch JS470E
  • The Bosch JS470EB
  • DeWALT DCS331B

Now, if you are interested in a more balanced review and more jigsaw options to choose from, the list outlined below is for you. Please note that these jigsaw tools are not listed in any order but are simply the best options you can have at diverse price ranges.

The Top 15 Jigsaws

Bosch JS470E Top-handle

The OEM Bosch is known globally for the quality of equipment devices, and machining tools it produces for the public and the JS470E integrates its professional designs excellently. Its features using our criteria as a yardstick include:

Build – The JS470E is built with a rubber top-handle to minimize the effects of vibration and other challenges. A jigsaw is an ergonomic tool that also comes with a plastic shield to protect fine surfaces from getting scratched during the cutting process.

Motor Capacity and SPM – Starting with the motor capacity, the JS470E is equipped with a 7.0amp motor which delivers enough power for the tool to cut through wood, aluminum, and other light metals. The jigsaw is capable of achieving 3,100 strokes per minute and the blade speed can be varied using its orbital action system.

Additional Features – The JS470E comes equipped with a dust blower that blows sawdust from surfaces as it cuts through them. The tool also includes a sturdy die-cast foot for stability and can bevel its blade up to 45 degrees depending on the material being cut.

Bosch JS470EB

It comes as no surprise to see another version of Bosch’s excellent jigsaw tool on this list. In terms of features and capabilities, the JS470EB has many similar features with its predecessor but its far superior to other options. Using the stated criteria to review the Bosch JS470EB, we have the following information:

Build – The jigsaw is similar to the JS470E in terms of its build but instead of a top handle, it comes equipped with a rubber barrel grip that can be held for more support, stability, and direction. It is also equipped with a shield to forestall scratching the surface as you cut through the material.

Motor Capacity – The jigsaw is equipped with a 7amps motor which is powerful enough to cut through wood and other light metals. You can also choose to take advantage of its varied speed from 500 to 3,100 SPM when cutting materials.

Additional Features – Bosch’s JS470EB is designed to have a dust blower for clearing sawdust, and its constant response circuitry mechanism ensures it delivers smoothly as you use the jigsaw.


DeWALT is also a well-known powerhouse that produces tools and equipment for woodworkers and machinists. The DeWALT jigsaw is a cordless cutting tool that offers its user much more versatility or maneuverability in terms of use. This jigsaw tool comes with the following features.

Build – In terms of build, the DCS331B is equipped with a top handle and a solid base which ensures the tool is easy to use and stable while been used. The durability of this jigsaw’s build makes it a favorite for many hobbyists and DeWALT provides a 3-year warranty to anyone who purchases the DCS331B.

Motor Capacity – A jigsaw is a cordless tool which means it is powered by 20V Li-Ion batteries. It is equipped with a 6.5amp motor which is capable of delivering up to 3,100 strokes per minute when applied. Thus, making it capable of cutting through wood and light metals.

Additional Features – The jigsaw comes with a keyless shoe bevel which ensures it can reach angles of up to 45 degrees while working. It is also designed to have a 4-position orbital action mechanism that helps with varying its cutting angles. Also, note that the batteries are to be purchased and they do not come with the package.

BLACk+DECKER Jigsaw Smart Select

Another reputable jigsaw power tool to consider for your workshop is this smart select tool from BLACK + DECKER. This jigsaw comes with a top handle, two-finger trigger and speed controls. The features of this jigsaw tool include the following:

Build – This Jigsaw is equipped with a top handle and while it does not have the extra support a barrel handle provides, it is versatile enough to handle diverse cutting tasks. The BLACK + DECKER is equipped with a wire guard which actually improves the quality of its cuts.

Motor Capacity – The jigsaw is equipped with a 5amps motor which is relatively average when compared to other options on this list. This does not stop the BLACK + DECKER from delivering 3,000 strokes per minute. Thus, the jigsaw is great for cutting through the wood using varied speeds.

Additional Features – Like most jigsaw tools on this list, the BLACK + DECKER is equipped with a dust blower to remove sawdust from surfaces. It can also make 45-degree cuts and this feature is supported by its curve control technology.

Makita JVO600K Jigsaw

Makita is another popular brand known for the quality of power tools it produces. So, purchasing JVO600K is also an excellent choice to make. The features of this lightweight jigsaw include:

Build – The JVO600K is built with a top handle and a counterbalance system which helps reduce vibrations coming from the blade. It is also designed to have a tool-less blade change system that simplifies the process of installing and removing blades.

Motor Capacity – The Makita Jigsaw is quite the powerhouse with its 6.5amp motor which deliver 3,100 strokes per minute. The jigsaw is also equipped with a 3 orbital-setting system which allows for beveling its blade up to 45 degrees. Variable speed dial is also included to help with varying its SPM from 500 to 3,100 SPM.

Additional Features – The Makita is equipped with a through-the-body dust port that acts like a vacuum removing sawdust from surfaces. This unique dust blower feature actually works well and is easy to use.

Portable – Cable Orbital Jigsaw

I’m looking for a jigsaw priced below the 100-dollar mark, Portable Cable’s tool may just be the jigsaw for you. This is an ergonomic power tool with a top handle and easy to reach trigger buttons that simplify long-term use. The features of this jigsaw include:

Build – This jigsaw is ergonomically built to be easy on your hands. It comes with a rubber top handle which reduces vibration and a balance system which enhances stabilization. It is also a tool-free blade change jigsaw which simplifies the process of removing blades.

Motor Capacity – The jigsaw is equipped with a 6amp motor which is powerful enough to cut through wood. It also delivers 3,200 strokes per minute which is impressive for a jigsaw with its price.

Additional Features – Features such as its 7-position speed, a 4-orbital setting, and a lock-on button makes the Porter-Cable an excellent, more affordable choice.

Ryobi One+ Jigsaw

The One+ is one of the aesthetically pleasing jigsaw tools out there that delivers excellently on the job. This cordless jigsaw is built to cut both wood and light metals while lighting up the pathway it cuts through. The features of the Ryobi One+ include:

Build – It comes with a top handle, a dust blower and LED lights. The handle offers stability; the dust blower clears sawdust while the LED light illuminates the entire work surface.

Motor Capacity – One+ is equipped with a 6amp motor which is capable of delivering 3000 strokes per minute. It also comes with a 4-position orbital setting and a trigger lock system which simplifies the removal and installation of blades.

Additional Features – We’ve already talked about the LED light, the dust blower, and it’s blade saving base but it’s important to note that with all these features.

Bare-Tool Milwaukee

The Milwaukee jigsaw is a solid cutting tool with an ergonomic handle that supports its comfortable use. This tool takes us to consider jigsaws under $50. Despite its relative affordability, this power tool delivers premium cuts when used. The features of this jigsaw include:

Build – For a jigsaw with an ergonomic grip, 5-position orbital setting, and a seven-speed dial is a bargain what considering.

Motor Capacity – This jigsaw is equipped with a 6amps motor which makes it capable of producing 3,000 strokes per minute. This is enough to cut wood and most light metals.

Additional Features – You can choose to bevel your cuts up to 45 degrees in any direction with this jigsaw. The tool is also built to have a non-marring shoe which reduces the possibility of marring surfaces it is applied to.

DeWALT DW331K Jigsaw

Finding another jigsaw from DeWALT shouldn’t come as a surprise to you due to the quality of tools this enterprise produces. The DW331K is an excellent cutting tool with great features. These features include:

Build – The DW331K is well built and comes with a top handle that simplifies handling the tool. It also comes equipped with a non-marring shoe to protect surfaces from scratching while cutting through them.

Motor Capacity – Unlike its predecessor on this list, the DW331K comes with a cord and a motor of 6.5amp. This rating means it is powerful enough to cut through light metal. It also delivers 3,100 strokes per minute which is impressive.

Additional Features – This jigsaw is equipped with a keyless-blade clamp to ease the process of replacing blades. It is also equipped with a 4-position orbital system which supports faster and more aggressive cuts.

Worx WX543L

The Worx jigsaw is an ergonomic cordless tool that delivers excellent cutting abilities to both professionals and hobbyists. This quality tool runs on 20V Mac Lithium batteries and delivers excellent blade speed per minute with ease. The features of this tool include:

Build – A compact ergonomic grip, and cordless operation tells you all you need to know about the aesthetics of this jigsaw. It is also equipped with a balancing system to ensure stability when used.

Motor Capacity – Worx delivers 3,000 strokes per minute and this is made possible by its 6amp motor.

Additional Features – The jigsaw is equipped with an orbital function and the ability to bevel its blade at 45 degrees when cutting through wood. It is also designed to have a dual switch for easy handling.

SKIL 4495-02 Jigsaw

The SKIL jigsaw is another affordable, well-built tool for cutting through diverse materials such as wood and light metal. It is powered by electricity and comes with some excellent features as the upcoming review of the jigsaw will show. Using the criteria previously highlighted, we have:

Build – The jigsaw tool is an ergonomic power tool with a top handle which simplifies the process of handling it during cutting activities. It is equipped with a built-in laser which helps with increasing its precision levels. The top handle is also rubberized to reduce the vibrations and shocks being transferred through the jigsaw when it’s been used.

Motor Capacity – The SKIL is quite powerful and this can be seen from its 6.0amp motor which powers the blade. It is also capable of producing varying speeds with a maximum of 3,000 steers per minute. The in-built speed dial also makes increasing and reducing the speed of the blade possible. This also enables it to cut through light metal and aluminum.

Additional Features – The SKIL jigsaw is a powerful tool with diverse features. Its features include a variable speed trigger, 4-position orbital cut control that delivers smoother, more precise cuts. The jigsaw is built to have a custom tool rest which protects fine surfaces from getting scratched.

TACK LIFE Advanced Jigsaw

This Jigsaw was one of the more exciting options we had to review. This was due to the aesthetic attributes of the jigsaw and the multiple designs and practical features built into the power tool. Applying our stated criteria in reviewing the TACK LIFE jigsaw, we have the following details:

Build – This advanced jigsaw was built to be powered by electricity and it also integrates the use of an LED light to light up your project. The lighting illuminates the areas directly in front of the tool to ensure you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. The top handle is also ergonomically built to ensure it stays comfortable within your arms while been put to use.

Motor Capacity – In terms of power, the jigsaw is p powered by a 6.7amp motor which shows that it is capable of delivering powerful cuts. The tool is designed to deliver 3,000 RPMs and the option of varying the cutting speed to meet your expectations. The speed dial can be used to vary the speed across six levels. This makes it an efficient cutting tool for everyone.

Additional Features – The additional features of this jigsaw includes a sawdust blower, 4-positional orbital action, beveling option of up to 45 degrees. These features ensure it is easy to use and delivers precise cuts when applied. The jigsaw is also equipped with a switch lock mechanism that keeps the blade firmly in place when undertaking cutting tasks.

Festool 561608 Carvex PSB

As jigsaw tools go, this is one of the more durable options and also one of the more expensive options. The Festool option is also quite pleasing to the eyes and comes with extensive features that make it worth its price. A review of its features shows the following details.

Build – Starting with its build, we found the Carvex jigsaw to be solidly built and ergonomically designed to make using the jigsaw tool a comfortable proposition. It integrates a brushless motor technology which reduces the overall weight of this tool and makes it easy to maneuver. It is also equipped with a tool-free base that ensures it does not gorge surface while it is been applied.

Motor Capacity – This Jigsaw tool is one of the most powerful cutting tools in its class. It is capable of delivering 3,800 strokes per minute while the speed of its blade can be varied using the speed knob. It also integrates a triple blade guidance technology which aids its cutting precision for perpendicular cuts.

Additional Features – The next set of features to consider is its use of LED lighting to light up your workspace and a dust blower. The blower removes sawdust as you move from one section to another when cutting the material. This is one of the expensive jigsaw tools you will encounter in today’s market. Despite its price, it delivers more cutting power than a majority of its competitors. The tool also comes with a 3-year warranty which also highlights the premium services Festool intends to deliver with the Carvex jigsaw.

Ridgid R8832B Octane Jigsaw

The Rigid jigsaw is a cordless power tool for cutting wood and other light materials. Its cordless nature highlights its maneuverability and ease of use. The jigsaw is also ergonomically designed to help you get the best out of your cutting activities. The features of this excellent jigsaw include:

Build – The jigsaw tool is well built and pleasing to look at. It is designed with an ergonomic tip handle which makes holding it and actually cutting with the tool a simpler task. This is because the handle dampens the vibrations and drags occurring at the blade section from hitting your fingers with its full blow.

Motor Capacity – The jigsaw delivers 3,500 strokes per minute and its speed can be varied to ensure it cuts with the precision and pace you desire. You can also take advantage of its brushless motor which makes it lighter even with a battery in it.

Additional Features – The other features that put the R8832B on our list include its use of an LED light to illuminate the way, a functional dust blower for clearing sawdust, and two batteries that come with the package.

TECCPO Professional

The TECCPO jigsaw is another excellent tool for cutting through wood, steel, aluminum, and other light metals. It is built to deliver enhanced precision and smooth cuts when applied to these materials. Using our criteria to review this jigsaw tool, we have the following:

Build – As designs go, the TECCPO Pro is a well-built cutting tool imbibed with features that deliver stability. These features include a top handle for easy handling, a transparent protective shield to protect surfaces from gorging, and a pure copper motor that ensures the jigsaw works for extended periods of time.

Motor Capacity – The jigsaw is powered by a 6.5 amps copper motor which is capable of delivering 3000 strokes per minute. Added to this cutting power is a 6-speed control which can be used to vary the cutting speed according to the material being cut.

Additional Features – The jigsaw is equipped with a 4-positional orbital system which allows you to make cuts at angles of up to 45 degrees. A dust blower is also fitted with the jigsaw and this ensures the tool clears its way as it cuts through materials.

HYCHIKA Better Tools

The HYCHIKA jigsaw is as affordable as they come but it also packs a punch in terms of the features it comes with. Its features include the following:

Build – Here, you get an ergonomic build with a top handle that enables ease of use. A powerful motor is also integrated into it which enables the jigsaw to cut through metal and wood.

Motor Capacity – The HYCHIKA is powered by a 6.7amp motor. This motor generates enough power to deliver 3,000 strokes per minute depending on the chosen speed. It is also equipped with a laser guide which ensures your cuts remain clean and smooth regardless of the cutting speed selected.

Additional Features – You can also choose to bevel your cuts up to 45 degrees depending on your choice. It also comes with a lock-on switch and a release knob which makes the removal of blades an easy task to accomplish.

Avid Power Jigsaw

Rounding off the list is the Avid Power jigsaw tool which is known for delivering excellent cutting quality at the most affordable prices. The Avid Power jigsaw comes with the following features:

Build – This Jigsaw tool is ergonomically built to deliver comfort when used. This is due to its rubber top handle which absorbs shocks while cutting through materials. It also comes equipped with a scale rule which enhances its precision levels.

Motor Capacity – The Avid Power jigsaw is powered by a 7amp motor which is capable of delivering 3000 strokes per minute. This makes it able to cut through wood and light metal. You can also cut ay angles as the blade can be beveled to 45 degrees when making cuts.

Additional Features – Avid Power is equipped with a 4-positional mechanism and a dust blower which brings versatility to your cutting tasks.


The 15 jigsaws that make this list are all great options with similar features in some cases. If buying on a budget, options such as the HYCHIKA or the Avid Power jigsaw tool sell for less than $60. You will definitely find whatever option you are looking for here.