The Must-Have Router Table Features

A router table is a must-have addition to your shop or garage. It’s the useful and versatile tool that makes both of your hands-free from workpiece control during the cut. With more control, most of the operations are easier to make – for example, routing grooves or edge profiles. Besides, it is much safer. However, not all router tables are created the same. Below, we will discuss the must-have features a router table should have.

Flat Top

The table surface should be flat and rigid. Precision is vital in many router table operations such as cutting joinery or the edge of a board. Even barely noticeable irregularities in the surface can lead to uneven edges, skewed joints, and other problems.

You want a router table with a rigid surface for two reasons. First, the table should be able to handle the weight of the router and the router lift without deflecting. Second, a router table cannot produce precise cuts if it flexes when you apply downward pressure.

Materials That Ensure Rigidity And Flatness

MDF is one of the most popular materials for commercial and shop-made router tables. MDF is cheap and quite reliable, so for a hobbyist or anyone on a tight budget MDF is a good choice. A quality MDF router table can serve you for years of medium-duty service. Just make sure it is made according to the latest standards and requirements.

In order to be rigid, an MDF router table should be 1 inches thick. It should be surfaced on both sides. Melamine that is often used for coating can withstand light-duty service. It prevents surface wear and ensures easy sliding. More expensive MDF router tables are surfaced with high-pressure laminate, which is more durable. This material is scratch resistant; it is thicker and stronger than melamine. It also provides greater impact resistance. An MDF router table surfaced with high-pressure laminate will remain flat longer.

Some router tables are made of solid phenolic resin. This material is extremely rigid and durable; it is a perfect choice for a router table. It is impervious to moisture and will maintain its flatness and dimensions throughout many years. The lightness, durability and dimensional stability make these router tables worthy consideration, especially if you’re going to use the table a lot. Of course, these tables are more expensive than their MDF counterparts.

If you are searching for the most durable material and don’t care about the price, choose hefty cast iron. These router tables provide maximum flatness and durability. Cast iron absorbs vibration and ensures utmost accuracy and stability.

Flat Base Plate

On most router table models, the router is attached to a plate, which fits into an opening in the top. The functioning of the table depends on the quality of the base plate. Since the base plate should be perfectly flat, it needs to be substantial and durable. Base plates made of machined or solid phenolic aluminum are worth consideration.

Of course, you should always choose a plate that is compatible with your table. Modern router tables are compatible with different plates; some also come with pre-drilled plates and blank plates that you can drill to fit. There are also one-size-fits-all plates. However, they are less strong and collect more debris that interferes with operations you’re doing.

Besides being flat, the base plate should fit perfectly with the router table, so the table should have a plate-leveling system. Most router tables have a simple system that includes screws adjusted from the underside of the table. If you use the router in and out of the table, you want to consider how often you’re going to use the mounted router. Even if you leave the router on the table, the initial installation shouldn’t take hours. Search for a model that ensures easy installation and removal of the router.

Miter and T-Slots

Most operations you’re going to perform on the router table will probably include guiding the stock past the cutter and applying force against the table. At some point, you will need to do something with a miter gauge – for example, cutting a dado across a narrow piece of stock. A miter slot is also useful when you needed to secure feather boards and other accessories.

Some router tables also have T-slots in different locations to secure table accessories and attachments. A slot across the top of the fence will help you easily attach a flip stop when you need it. You can find T-slots on the front surface of the fence.

Easy-to-Position Fence

The fence is the most important part of the router table because you keep your workpiece pressed against it. You really want to have the fence that is up to the task. There are lots of fence models that are different in functionality and quality. The most expensive models have incremental positioning mechanisms. And there are also models that share the same basic qualities: they are square, rigid and straight. You don’t need to buy the most expensive fence, just choose the one that is easy to position and has a good adjustment range.

A Sturdy, Durable Base

If you want precise, accurate cuts, you need to keep the workpiece in contact with the cutter. However, you can’t-do this if the table is shifting. And wobbling table is simply hazardous. A router razor-sharp bit tens of hundreds times per minute and can do a lot of damage if the base is shifting.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, a router table can really help with your operations. It provides portability without sacrificing stability and makes everything a whole lot easier.

How To Avoid The Common Mistakes When Buying A Router Table

Router tables are a great addition to your garage or shop because they help you do some really precise cuts and complex operations such as creating edges, cutting patterns, and making grooves, to name a few. However, there are mistakes that many people make when shopping for a router table. Here, we will discuss these mistakes and suggest ways to avoid them to help you make an informed buying decision.

Don’t Mix Brands

The quality router table should be easy to choose: You only need a good flat insert, a good fence and a quality table top work surface. You can even DIY the table top so you only have to find the fence and the insert. And all popular brands offer a variety of accessories and attachments for a table router. So, can you choose a brand? Or can you mix different brands to balance the quality with the price?

The short answer is no, you cannot. Most manufacturers are proprietary. That’s why all router table inserts are different sizes. So when you buy one brand you have to stick to it because nothing else will fit. For example, if you build a table around a certain insert and you want to switch to something else, you will have to use the same brand to fit the size. The same is true for fences and other accessories.

Just because your friend uses this brand doesn’t mean it is the best for your needs. All brands have problems and issues. Newer brands often have lower prices while delivering the same quality. So choose the brand that works for you. Think about the operations you’re going to use your router table for and choose the model that can deliver.

Don’t Blindly Select A Brand

Many hobbyists come into the market knowing the brand they want to buy. They could hear the brand name somewhere but don’t know much about it. Some only want to buy tools made in America, others only consider the price. However, sometimes you have to take a chance instead of hunging up on a certain brand.

There are so many brands out there, and each and every brand has bestsellers and losers. Don’t shop for a brand, shop for a router table that can offer what you’re looking for. Focus on the feature of the model. Newer brands often equip their models with innovative features that you can’t find in established brands. Overlooking a brand means lost opportunity to get a better deal and enjoy new features.

Don’t Buy Small Router Tables

This is mostly for newcomers who are going to get their first router table. You will see that a router table will change the way you perform your projects. However, it’s tempting to get the cheapest model first to see if you like it. The price is an important consideration, of course, but you will quickly outgrow the small router table.

Smaller router tables also feature non standards parts which mean you can’t add accessories such as fence or miter gauges. Therefore, getting the cheapest table is often false economy. It’s better to start with an industry standard size that has t-track, miter track and insert. These three features are often scaled down on cheap tables.

Don’t Buy A Table With The Dust Collection Feature

Of course, it would be convenient if you could get any vacuum cleaner and clean the dust out of your router table. However, it doesn’t work like that. There are plenty of dust sizes on the market and you cannot get on size fits all simply because manufacturers don’t produce such vacuums. But you can buy a dust port adaptor and then cut it to fit your system.

If you think that you won’t need dust collection, you should keep in mind that router tables can make a huge mess. Dust collection is an easy way to cut down on your cleaning. Besides, dust collection only adds $10-$20 to the price of a table. Thus, this is one of the features that you will be happy in future that you got it one day.

Not following The Instructions And Directions

For some reason, beginners often just don’t read the instructions. Or they just quickly go through the directions for assembly and then do everything wrong. They have a problem that could be easily avoided. This can be especially frustrating if you call an operator who should help you but he/she doesn’t know that you simply didn’t follow the instructions and there is no problem at all. Thus, always read every paper that comes with your table router. Many manufacturers also have assembly videos available on their websites.

Don’t Buy All The Attachments And Accessories For Your Table

One last mistake that we’re going to discuss is buying everything at the shop that goes with their new router table. Even though it is good for a seller, you probably don’t need all these additional items.

If you’re new to woodworking, buy one and complete a couple of projects on it. Find online tutorials and watch videos to learn new ways of operating the table. This way, you will start understanding what accessories and attachments you really need. Maybe you don’t need a coping sled but you really need a box joint jig. It is tempting to get everything at once, but chances are, you won’t use most of it. And if you really want to buy something, you can never go wrong with an extra set of router bits. It is the accessory you will need for sure.

We hope these little tips will help you avoid problems with router tables, especially if you’re new to this. Once you get everything done, you will really love using your new tool.

Bosch Router Table

The circular saw or the power drill might be your more heavily used items in a home workshop, but most woodworkers would probably agree that the router, especially used with a router table, is the most versatile tool one can have a garage. The reason is perhaps its simplicity.

A router is a compact, easily customizable power tool, and when used with a router table, allows the operator to use both hands on the material, coming at the wood at different angles and depths. A router table can be used for cuts, slots, grooves, signs, and the list goes on. This little guide will give you some basics about router tables and what you should consider when purchasing, and give some info on a highly popular home router table produced by industry favorite Bosch.

Why a router table?

More basic than even a saw blade, a router uses a cylindrical pin or spindle, usually a quarter to a three-quarters of an inch in diameter, extending vertically and rotating at high speed. When the the-best-router-tablematerial, typically wood—but also great for plastics and various veneers—is run against the spindle it carves the material to the profile of the bit. Bit sizes vary, so the router can be used for all sorts of shaping and detailed edge work, or the straight cylinder can create raised panels and slots.

Most routers are handheld, either with a fixed base or one that plunges down into the material. For many people, this is sufficient, but it does mean that the worker’s hands are monopolized with the tool. As a solution, some people will rig up a table saw to accommodate a router. But to get the full mobility and versatility of a router, a dedicated router table is a must have for any serious woodworker. This inverts the router, with the bit fixed and extending up from a gap in the table. The user has full control over the material and guides allow perfect geometric cuts.

Some of the more common uses of a router include:

  • Making decorative edges such as moldings.
  • Other detailed designs such as sign carving.
  • Use as a joiner, making dozens of joints such as rabbets, dovetails and mortises.
  • Working with small or narrow pieces of wood.
  • Edge trimming or template and pattern work.
  • Stopped cuts that don’t continue the entire length of the piece.
  • Creating raised panel doors.

When it comes to purchasing a good router table, the main thing you want to look for is sturdiness. A flat, true and durable tabletop is probably the most important feature, preferably cast metal like iron or aluminum. You also want to make sure there’s an accurate, sturdy and easy to adjust fence. The fence is the guide that runs parallel to the direction of the cut, and is used to guide the material. Finally, a solid base plate, the piece embedded in the table where the router attaches, is crucial to make sure the router stays absolutely fixed and level.

Bosch Router Tables

Bosch is one of the most reliable and respected makers of parts, tools and other car and household components in the world. The company was founded in Germany in 1886, and since then has grown to become the world’s largest supplier of automotive components. But it’s also well established in power tools, with the kind of precision and reliability German manufacturers have become known for. The company designed one of the first plastic-cased power tools back in the 1950s and has won multiple engineering awards for its tools. Bosch has two models of router table.

The Bosch RA1181

This is the most popular of the two models of home router tables. In fact, the RA1181 is one of the most popular router tables on the market, ranked as the highest-selling on Amazon and receiving overwhelmingly positive ratings. It’s a benchtop router table, meaning it’s meant to stand or mount on any standard workbench, which also means it has a pretty small footprint of its own. It’s a rectangular surface, 27 inches by 18 inches. At about 35 pounds, it’s a nice weight such that it’s not going to move around on you and it feels stable, but it’s also pretty easily portable.

The table surface itself is made of cast aluminum, and the router mounting plate is also a strong, cast aluminum, drilled with a number of holes for fitting different routers. The fence is also aluminum, with adjustable faces made of MDF (a strong wood composite). The table also features two dust-collection ports that fit standard 2-1/2” shop vacuum hoses to keep the workplace clean. It’s priced at Home Depot at $183. It’s also backed by a one-year limited warranty, 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year service protection plan.

Reviews are generally positive, especially for the aluminum tabletop that should last for a long time. For the price, it’s considered a good quality router table, versatile enough but also not a huge use of space. Note that some have said the assembly is a bit complex, requiring around a half hour to put together.

Read the complete review here.

The Bosch RA1171

The 1171 is just a bit smaller than its big brother, a bit less expensive, and a bit lower rated, but all in all a solid router table. There are a couple of main differences. First, the tabletop surface is laminate instead of cast aluminum. Second, the workspace is about a couple of inches smaller in each dimension. Finally, it’s cabinet style, so there’s storage space underneath, where the 1181 has plastic legs. But the mounting plate is the same sturdy aluminum people are quite fond of. And the fence and feather boards appear to be the same material and quality. The 1171 runs a bit cheaper and enjoys the same warranty and guarantee from the manufacturer.

Read the complete review here.

Bench Dog Pro Max 40-102 Router Table Review

If you have plans of expanding the versatility of your table’s saw, purchasing Bench Dog Pro Max Cast Iron Router Table Extension will add some value to your workshop. Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table offers you a variety of space-friendly specs such as a miter gauge that is adjustable for a non-slip fit, a cast-iron table top, 28-inch Pro-Fence from Bench Dog and more making it the best choice for limited space. Bench Dog works best with almost all table saws having 1-1/2-inch thick and 27-inch deep cast iron table.

According to many users, it is easy to set up, and the best part fits either side of your table saw you are used to mounting. But not only that. Bench Dog offers you a variety of amazing features you won’t find with any other router table on the market, offers you a variety of amazing features and most importantly, operates smoothly. Check out these features.


Key features

  • Accepts plates that measure 8-1/4″ by 11-3/4.”
  • A 28-inch Pro-Fence that dismounts quickly when you are using your table saw
  • Fits almost all 27-inch deep table saws that are contractor-grade and cabinet grade
  • Weighs 60 pounds and measures 32.2 by 21.7 by 5.1 inches

Why choose Bench Dog Pro-Max?

The last thing you need torturing your brain when working on tough projects is limited space. With Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table, you don’t need to worry about limited space. In addition to its adjustable miter gauge, Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table features a dual-fence slot configuration that allows you to turn the fence to your preferred direction maximizing your workspace. Also included is a third miter slot making it easier for you to work on crosscut sleds. Check out the reasons you might want to give it a try.

Why Buy Bench Dog Pro-Max Cast Iron Router Table Extension

  • Compatible with almost all table saws

Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table Extension is designed to fit almost all right-tilt cabinet grade and contractor-grade tables having 27-inch deep and 1-1/2-inch thick cast-table.

  • Space-friendly

If your working space is limited, don’t worry. Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table Extension offers you a variety of space-friendly specs that include, a dual slot configuration, a 28-inch Pro-Fence, an adjustable miter gauge and more.
Handle crosscut sleds without a sweat Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table Extension features a third miter slot that make handling crosscut sleds easier than before.

  • Convenience

You don’t have to worry about where you place your accessories when working on projects that are so demanding. Bench Top Cast Iron Router extension features a 0.25-inch T-slot that allows you to mount useful accessories such as Feather-Loc feather boards.

  • Durable

In addition to its amazing specs, Bench Dog router extension is one of the sturdily built router extensions you will ever come across with a nicely finished cast iron top.

What you might not like

Time-consuming installation – As mentioned earlier, Bench Dog Cast Iron Router extensions is easy to install. Unfortunately, not all users agree. A few users don’t like the idea of drilling several holes to set it up. You might have trouble installing it if you don’t have the right drilling tools.

Summary of customer reviews and ratings

At a rating of 4.5 stars after 94 reviews on Amazon, Bench Dog Pro-Max Cast Iron Router extension is the top rated router extension compared to its closest rivals. Many users appreciate the fact that it is space friendly, compatible with almost all table saw whether right-tilt cabinet grade or contractor-grade and last but most importantly, ability to handle crosscut sleds with much ease.

On the other hand, there are a few who aren’t fully satisfied with the setup process that involved drilling of some few holes in mounting the table saw. The good news is, even the dissatisfied users seem to be fully satisfied with its overall performance. Summing up all the reviews, Bench Top Cast Iron Router extension is one the highly rated router extension compared to products its type on the market.

How to Buy Bench Top Pro-Max Cast Iron Router extension

Pro-Max is undoubtedly one of the best on the market, but not when you buy a wrong one. And that is the reason you need to involve thorough research to reduce the risks of being exploited. Amazon offers you the most affordable way to access Pro-Max with limited risk. Check out why.

Benefits of buying from Amazon

Honest user reviews – You don’t want to be deceived with advertisements by manufacturers. Amazon offers you an opportunity to hear what past or existing users of Bench Top Router extension have to say for guidance when making the purchase.

Buy both used and new product – If you don’t have the money for a new one, don’t worry. Amazon offers you an option of purchasing a used product at a price much lower than the price tag of a new one. These used products are good as new. The only difference is that they are sold the second or the third time.

The final verdict

As you have seen, Pro-Max has almost everything woodworkers look for, but that alone doesn’t make it perfect for everyone. Just like other products on the market, it has its pros and cons. There are those users who fully satisfied as well as those who aren’t. The good news is, even users who aren’t fully satisfied, appreciate the fact that it is what manufacturers say it is. It features a lot to like, performs beyond expectations, durable and the best part, affordable. The 4.5 rating is enough to convince you, but that doesn’t mean you will be satisfied with it. The best way to find out what this high-end workshop machinery can offer is to give it a try.

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table Review

Are you looking for a router table with an ample working space, has a fantastic mounting plate and will perform despite the type of router you are having? If yes, you might want to consider Kreg PRS1045. According to many users, PRS1045 offers everything you need, easy to use and the best part, strong enough to handle any project. It is also among the top rated router tables you will ever come across. However, you should not base your judgment on what you hear. Check out these fantastic features and judge for yourself.


  • the PRS3100 router table switch
  • the PRS3090 caster
  • the PRS3400 setup bars
  • the PRS3020 true flex
  • the PRS7850 Router table


Kreg PRS1045 Specifications

  • MDF top measuring 1-1/16 thick for quite operation
  • A fence that squares itself and moves parallel to the miter slot
  • A steel stand you can adjust from 29-inch to 35-inch depending on your preference
  • A durable insert place that is low on friction
  • Up to 4 Precision insert plate levelers for smooth operation and precision
  • Shims you use to offset the fence faces by 1/32 inches or 1/16 inches for joints
  • A dust collection port to keep your woodshop clean
  • A mitre-accessory slot that allows a 3/8-inch by ¾-inch miter bars, feather boards, and other accessories.

Why buy Kreg PRS1045?

Buying a full package of Kreg PRS1045 means having all the accessories needed to make your work comfortable and enjoyable. But not only that. By just making a one-time payment, you also get the PRS3100 router table switch, the PRS3090 caster, the PRS3400 setup bars, the PRS3020 true flex and lastly, the PRS7850 Router table stop. Once you buy it, you will realize it has a T-square fence that maintains the parallelism of the fence to the miter slot needed for small adjustments as well as maximized miter slot performance.

The fence also comes with two faces that are independent plus a shim you need to joint 1/32-inch and 1/16-inch increments. Also, the manufacturers crafted its top using a noise resistance MDF having a high-pressure laminate skin as well as two steel struts that prevent the sagging and to reduce the noise when working on your projects.

What to like about Kreg PRS1045?

  • Sturdy table top

Kreg PRS1045 features a table top that is made from a noise-resistant MDF and vibration. The MDF features a skin that is crafted from a high-pressure laminate that allows workpieces to slide easily across the table top. It is also reinforced using two steel support struts that prevent it from bending even after extended use.

  • Accurate insert plate

Unlike what we see with insert plates of most router tables on the market, it features an insert plate measuring 9-1/4″ by 11-3/4″ by 3/8″ that mounts to any router without the need of any particular type of surface. Combined performance of the included template and its base plate, makes it possible to mount the insert plate to any router, offers you a perfect fit and eliminates the need for additional holes.

  • An independent fence

The table fence of PRS1045 gives you a T-square-like design that maintains the parallelism between the fence and miter slot permanent. This automatic squaring allows you to maximize the performance of your miter slot and is required for minor adjustments on the table’s fly. Also, the fence is crafted using sturdy aluminum extrusion that supports all kinds of work pieces whether small or large.

  • Drawbacks

Assembling might take some time – PRS1045 does not come pre-assembled due to its numerous accessories. You will have to spare some time to do the assembly and to completely set it up. The good news is, you only need to do this once. You also don’t have to worry about making a mistake simply because it comes with a detailed manual plus additional elements making the setup easy and smooth.

Quite expensive – If you are planning to buy your first table, you might find Kreg PRS1045 quite expensive. However, this is not one of the things that will completely discourage you from buying. One of the unique things about PRS1045 is a combination of a miter slot and a T-square, something you will not find with any other table. You also get a lot of useful accessories, meaning; you will not need to buy any additional items to make it work.

Summary of customer reviews and ratings

Summing up all the reviews on Amazon and other reliable sites, PRS1045 settles at a 4.7-star rating. That is quite a high rating compared to what we see with its closest competitors on the market. Among the things appreciated by many is, its extreme versatility and accuracy vital for any routing and woodworking applications. Despite its high price, a good number of users say, it offers useful features at an affordable price. In short, more than enough users find PRS1045 more helpful and worth buying.

On the other hand, there are those who think it is not entirely satisfying. A few users mention the assembly process as one of the major drawbacks since it is time-consuming. Contrary to what the majority are thinking, there are those who believe it is quite expensive for a first router.

I may conclude that many users like Kreg PRS1045

Where to buy

Kreg PRS1045 is without a doubt the best on the market for its category, but not when you buy it from a wrong dealer. To get the complete package at a price, you will appreciate, buy it from Amazon. Amazon offers you the most affordable and safe way of getting a genuine PRS1045. Also, they maintain every user review whether positive or negative to guide you to make a wise purchase.

Final thoughts

Looking at its closest competitors, PRS1045 is undoubtedly one of the best on the market right now. It offers you almost everything needed to make your work easier, sturdily built and the best part, affordable compared to its rivals on the market. At a 4.7-star rating and a few manageable issues such as assemblage, I may be right to say, every user likes it.

The Bosch 1617 EVS router Review: What You Need to Know

If you are looking for a router that will give you unbeatable results, then you may want to give Bosch 1617 EVS 2.25 HP router a try. It doesn’t just eliminate the stress of buying both a fixed and a plunge router. Bosch 1617 EVS combines speed and performance to give you the best results.


  • 12 AMP 2.2 HP Motor that runs at 8,000 to 25,000 RPM
  • Soft start that reduces the torque of start-up
  • Speed Dial that is variable
  • Soft and contoured grip handles for comfort and better control
  • Both left and right switches for consistency and choice
  • Openings with wide base plus a 2-inch sub-base opening that accepts bigger bits and improves visibility.

Why Bosch 1617 EVS 2.25 HP router?

Bosch 1617 EVS 2.25 HP router performs both as a plunge as well as a fixed base. It features one of the most powerful 12 amp motors that runs at 8,000 to 25,000. It comes with an effective clamp system that allows free movement of the tool, especially when working on complex projects.

Both the bases of Bosch 1617EVS have a wide base having 2’’ sub-base openings that accept bigger bits and offers you an enhanced visibility. Both the two bases come with a unique design for optional and precise template guides.

Other amazing features include soft-start, variable speed as well as a Constant-response circuitry. Bosch 1617 EVS 2.25 HP router is one great tool any woodworker working under a tight schedule where clients may become too aggressive. See how it works in the following video.

How Bosch 1617 EVS works


What to like about Bosch 1617 EVS 2.25 HP router

Rugged Design

If you are looking for a router that will serve you for a longer period, then Bosch 1617 EVS 2.25 HP router is without a doubt your answer. Both the bases and motor housing are made of aluminum.

It comes with a dust sealed switch for additional durability. Also included are carrying cases where you can keep other fragile accessories for protection.


Bosch 1617 EVS offers you everything you need for a plunge as well as a fixed base routing. Both the bases have a microfine bit depth adjustment system for fast and accurate adjustments of bit depth. Also, the micro-fine adjustment offers you a range of 1-inch and is precise to 1/64-inch.

It also comes with a centering design that allows the centering of bits using a sub-base or any other template guide. This allows you to maintain the bit on the targeted cutting line while using devices of guidance such as a dovetail, templates as well as jigs.

Power of the motor

Bosch 1617 EVS 2.25 HP router is one of the most powerful routers for one reason, its 12 AMP, 2.25 HP that runs at 8,000 to 25,000 RPM. It also features a variable speed dial that makes it easier for you to set your optimal speed for a particular routing task as well as the workpiece. Also, it has a built-in Constant Response Circuitry that enables the router to maintain a particular speed until the cut is done.

In addition to the motor power, it features a soft-start that is integrated. This reduces the torque when working on a complex workpiece.


What you might not like about it

According to, Bosch 1617 EVS is one of the highly rated tools its type on the market. Unfortunately, not all users agree with that. Just like any other product it has its ups and downs. One of them is that you might need to buy some few accessories separately especially when you have to work on complex workpieces. Others also complain that the router gets hot when used for longer hours.

Summary of customer reviews and ratings

Compared to its closest competitors with the same price, Bosch 1617 EVS 2.25 HP router is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. Users find its 12 AMP motor that runs at 8000 to 25000 quite convenient for tough projects. Others also like the fact that it can do both the tasks unique to a plunger router or a fixed base router eliminating the need to buy the two separately.

On the other hand, there are those who have issues with it. Few users don’t like the wooden handles that get loose more often. It is also evident that getting hot after being used for longer hours pesters many woodworkers who deal with complex work Pieces.

Summing up all the user reviews. Bosch 1617 EVS 2.25 HP router falls at a rating of 4.7 stars after 474 reviews on Amazon and 4.6 stars after 123 in Other sites give it either the 4.6 star or 4.7-star rating. With this, I can conclude that many users are happy that they bought it.

How to buy

If you are looking forward to making an original purchase with limited risks, you can go with Amazon. Amazon offers you the best deals on the product that includes low-priced used items as well as fair prices for the new ones.

You’ll also get a chance to see what users are saying about the product to help you make a wise purchase. You can also buy the product via its official website, Bosch tools or Bosch certified partners that include, Tegs, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Tool Academy and more.

The Verdict

Using a regular plunger router or fixed based router separately might be inconvenient especially when you are working on workpieces with different requirements. Bosch 1617 EVS 2.25 HP router offers you a new way to handle your cuts without involving many efforts. It combines both a plunge as well as a fixed base router for an astounding workshop performance.

SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table reviews

If you’re skilled in casual wood project, and has the ability to plan and make work pieces all by yourself then, a flexible power tool such as SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table might be your need to complete your little workshop. But, in regards to purchasing one, frequently it turns out to be a problem in choosing the right item. Things develop into more complexes if you are left with a lot of choices at the hardware store and woodworking shops. After all, some of them are intended for hard-core experts. Therefore, instead of confusing yourself, do the things easier. Gaze at the models and brands that are reliable for years for giving impeccable service to its customers. For something else, think what Skil RAS 450 benchtop router table has to give you.

The SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table is suitable both for novice and professional craftsman. It is portable that can use in tight space and the extension provide additional space for your job.

Product Description

Skil has developed to one of the primary names in the industry of power tool since 1924. All the company products have reputation for giving top-notch durability and performance and the SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table is no exemption. It equipped with all of the major parts and features that a reliable table router must have. The built in table is flat and has a friction-resistant features along with aluminum materials for additional durability and stability. Design with single piece fence helps in to provide more accuracy in tool routing. What’s more, the skil ras450 benchtop router table is the only router table that fits all SKIL routers and also accommodates all other leading types of routers existing. The integrated master power starter comes with detachable key. This links the router with work light or vacuum but need to buy separately.


SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table Features and SpecificationsKIL RAS 450 benchtop router table features and spec are:

  • Skil ras450 benchtop router table measures 35 x 15 x 16 inch weighing 17.5 pounds
  • Build with aluminum table that makes this router table durable
  • It has a 450 square inches wide work space with extensions.
  • This product can also be used for additional decorative touch to the moldings.
  • Designed with one piece fence
  • The major power switch comes with removable key is for combining the table router with work light and vacuum
  • This product is compatible to other SKIL routers as well as to foremost models of routers available.
  • Mounting holes are located at the bottom of the table router legs
  • Batteries are sold separately and come with one year warranty


  • With a dimension of 35 x 15 by 16 inch and only weighs 17.5 pounds, the SKIL RAS 450 benchtop router table is extremely convenient for routing it all over the area of your working space. Since this product comes with extension, it offers all the room you want to make the most demanding projects. If you want an additional decorative finish to the moldings then the Skil RAS 450 router is the ideal power equipment for you.
  • The SKIL RAS 450 router can be obtaining at a very reasonable price; it has a large table which will work properly in many home shops.
  • It is also portable and suitable for those who don’t have extra space in their shop to make a keen router table.
  • Easy to install and user friendly as well
  • The router table legs are strong enough to survive regular use, and the extension offers a lot of additional space for your project.
  • For longer task pieces the additional couple inches can create a huge difference in the quality of cut.
  • The SKIL RAS 450 benchtop router table fences are convenient to alter and keep in place properly. It will last for how many years because of quality materials comprise in making this state of the art router.


The SKIL RAS 450 benchtop router table does not take bigger bits, however you can return the product upon purchasing as it comes with warranty. On the hand, still a lot of customers amazed by the features comprise in this power tool. It has extension for additional space and sturdy legs table that can survive your regular use. This features is enough to consider this product a must have.

Customer Reviews and Score

The purchasers of the SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table is consider to a good buy in practical price. The built-in extension according to many customers is a fantastic idea because longer task pieces the additional space can produce a huge difference in the cut quality. It has an adjustable fence. In customer reviews, they are all agreeing regarding the perfectness of this product fort the normal carpentry works. Although some stated that it is suitable for professional woodworking.


his SKIL RAS450 Benchtop Router Table Review will help you to understand the difference of this product to other table router available. It has unique features, making this tool suitable to any woodworking job.

Bosch RA1171 Router Table – Review

You don’t have to be busy to stay inside your workshop. You need something that will actually keep you inside the workshop, and there is no better choice than Bosch RA1171 router table. It might sound like an exaggeration, but the truth is, this is one router table that doesn’t have a worthy match.

Designed for utmost precision and versatility

Unlike its competitors with the same price on the market, you do a little to achieve precise cuts; it has the best features; it is one of the most affordable for a router table you’ll ever come across, and the best part is, it will serve you for an extended period. To picture exactly what I’m talking about, here are some of its astounding specs.



  • It features an aluminum fence with adaptable MDF face plates that make it easier to support taller work pieces.
  • For precise cuts and accuracy, the aluminum router mounting is rigid and flat.
  • One other fascinating feature is the predrilled mounting plate that makes it a better choice if you are looking forward to working on a good number of router sizes.
  • Easy to use and adjustable feather boards make it easy to work on complex work pieces. You also get to enjoy an extra guidance and a kickback protection with feather boards that are attached to the fence and the table.
  • Features storage room for additional ¾” optional accessories such as a miter gauge.
  • There are also two port designed for dust collection for standard 2 ½” vacuum hoses to allow for easier cleanup.

Why Choose Bosch Ra1171 Router Table?

It won’t be easy finding a better match when the RA1171 Router Table is a cut above the rest. That’s one perception you can’t change in those who have used it. Forget about the router table falling apart. You have the best features and the best part is, you don’t have to spend too much to get it.

Whether your projects confines you in your workshop or takes you to various places, Bosch RA1171 router table will always do a perfect job.

If you are looking for something that will give you the best service for an extended period, then Bosch RA1171 is actually your best choice. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider it in your next budget.


Precision: One great feature that puts Bosch RA1171 on the top list is the fact that you need to put in very little effort to achieve precise cuts. A combination of a rigid flat router mounting table and a predrilled mounting plate makes everything much easier making it a better choice for several router sizes.

Easy to use: Nothing comes in handy as a router table that simplifies every task. It features adjustable feather boards, extra guidance and lastly, a kickback protection making it a better choice for complex work pieces. Unlike working with other router tables, you can also use it on more than one work surfaces.

Convenient: Apart from better performance, Bosch RA1171 router table has almost everything you’ll need in place. It features two dust collection ports for standard 2 ½” vacuum hoses, meaning that you won’t have to spare even a minute trying to keep your store clean.

What You Might Not Like About It

Despite being one of the best router tables on the market, we can’t give it all the credit for one reason. That is, nothing is perfect, and Bosch RA1171 router table isn’t an exception. Some users claim that the feather boards aren’t as perfect as they are claimed to be. Others think that laminating the top of the table was a bad idea, but all this depends on your perception. What I must say is that, comparing prices you can’t find anything much better.

What others think about the Bosch Ra1171 router table

It may not get all the credits but with a 4.4-stars after 120 reviews, it sure deserves to be on the top list simply because, almost all router tables with the same price rarely make it this far. Despite a few complaints, it is quite clear that most users like it. It is easy to put together and use; it features a lot to like and most importantly, convenient for a woodworker under tight schedule.

On the contrary, a few others think otherwise. Others are not happy with how it is made especially the top of the table and more. However, nothing they say can put you off simply because, not all are saying the same. With a higher rating, more than enough positive comments and a few complaints, I can conclude that Bosch RA1171 is one of the best and the most affordable router tables you will ever come across.

Final Verdict

It is easy to say it isn’t the best, but one thing we can’t do away with is the fact that, compared with what we have on the market it deserves to be on the top list. With a wide array of advanced features, such as the feather boards that allow you to work with taller workpieces and take on a greater number of projects, you are sure you’ll be getting the best service for a long period of time.

Whether you are just starting up or you are a professional with more than enough experience in the field, Bosch RA1171 is always there for the best. Other admirable features include, light weight making it easy to travel with, easy to use, works with a variety of routers and last but not least, works best on any bench. The truth is, with more than enough projects coming your way, you need something that will motivate you to meet your deadlines, and nothing makes a perfect.

Bosch Ra1181 Router Table Review

If you are looking for something that will change the way you operate your workshop, then it is time you try Bosch RA1181 router table. A combination of accuracy and durability will make every moment you take on that piece of wood enjoyable, but do you take my word for it? Going through several reviews by users, it is quite clear that it isn’t just a regular router table professional woodworkers work so hard to find, but one of the best on the market.

Perfect Choice For Professional Woodworkers

It isn’t about its design, features, and performance. It is all about a router table that will give you what you want for an extended period at an affordable price. Here are some of its astounding features.


  • Compatible with several routers
  • Included is a mounting hardware that works for several router sizes
  • Accompanied by two adjustable feather boards, dual switch, a post for collecting dust and last but not least, a power cord that measures 6 foot long.
  • Features adequate working surface that measures 27’’ long and 18 inches wide.
  • Features aluminium fence that has MDF face plates.
  • Weighs 34.4 pounds
  • Comes with a mounting plate made of aluminium.

Why Choose Bosch Ra1181 Benchtop Router Table?

Bosch-Ra1181Bosch RA1181 is just like any other router table you’ll find on the market but unique in several ways. What makes it quite admirable is the fact that it will serve you for an extended period without worries that it may fail while working on an urgent project. Compared to router tables on the market with the same price, it is durable, performs beyond expectations and the best part, it is one of the best router tables Bosch Engineering has ever produced.

You don’t have to worry about the working space, it is light, making it a perfect choice for woodworkers who are fond of moving around with their tools and lastly, comes with more than enough features you’ll find useful. Here are some of the reasons to give it a try.


  • The feather board is easy to use: Unlike most of its closest competitors, Bosch RA1181 features two feather boards that are adjustable. The feather boards are to be attached to the router table to provide a kickback protection as well as an additional guidance when working on complex workpieces.
  • The aluminium fence is tall enough and has an adjustable MDF faceplate: This means that you don’t have to worry about how short or long your workpieces are.
  • Large workspace: It has a table top made of a Die-cast Aluminium and measures 27-inch long and 18-inch wide. The Aluminium makes it quite durable while the large table top offers you enough space making it easier to work on tougher projects.
  • Stable mounting plate: It features a router mounting plate that is tightly assembled making it easier to work on your precision. As you work, it stays flat and stable enough to withstand unnecessary movements while working. It is also predrilled so that it works best for several types of routers.
  • Offers room for additional accessories: Unlike most router tables, Bosch RA1181 features other slots where you can attach several accessories to make your work easier. The accessory slots accept ¾-inch accessories, for example, the miter gauge, and additional feather boards.
  • Storage pockets: If you are working with more than one external tools, it is easy to misplace one or two. Bosch RA1181 features storage pockets whose primary purpose is to hold and store router accessories as well as a pocket to store Cord wrap.
  • Comes with dust collection ports: When working on wood pieces more and more dust particles accumulate in your store making it harder for you to keep your work shop clean. Bosch RA1181 has a dust collection port that allows standard two and a half vacuum hoses.


What You Might Not Like About It

  • Takes time to assemble: You’ll need some few hours to assemble Bosch RA1181 fully, meaning that you won’t find it convenient especially when you are in a hurry. However, when fully assembled, it is quite easier to use.
  • It doesn’t come with a standard sized mitre gauge. You will have a hard time figuring out the type of router that will work best with it.
  • Weak plastic legs and facia: Despite being one of the most stable and durable router tables you will find on the market, its fascia and legs made of plastic says otherwise. It is easy for its plastic legs to break when working on heavier work pieces simply because the plastic stands won’t offer much support.
  • You have to do a lot of work when removing the mitre: If you like shortcuts, then you might find Bosch RA1181 quite inconvenient. Removing the router starts with removing the fence following up with removing many more screws that make the switching bits quite hectic.

What others say about it

Despite few cons, Bosch RA1181 makes one of the top liked router tables on the market. The 4.3-star rating after 464 user reviews makes it quite obvious. However, not all users are singing the same song. There is a good number of users that will do anything to give it the highest rank as well as those that work so hard to ensure you don’t buy it. Don’t fall for any.

However, to avoid regrets, it is vital that you pay attention to some few complaints as well as praises. As mentioned earlier on some of its drawbacks, it is coming out clear in the user reviews that no one likes the hard task involved in its assembly.

There are also few complaints about the flatness of the bench top and more. Contrary to the complaints, there are those users who feel that Bosch RA1181 is one of the best router tables you can find on the market. For most users, it performs much better compared to its previous versions, cheap for a router table of its type and most importantly, offers more astounding features. Summing up all the reviews, more than 50% of the users recommend it fully, meaning that, it works just fine for an average wood worker.

Final Verdict

I can conclude that it isn’t the best but worth giving a try. Nothing is made perfect, and Bosch RA1181 isn’t an exception. Despite having more than enough likable features, you can’t miss a few faults in one out of ten of Bosch Router tables you come across. However, we can’t say that it is worse than others simply because it has a better rating. It doesn’t matter how hard your project is. Despite few issues, Bosch RA1181 Router Table will always do a better job.

SKIL RAS900 Router Table review

I thought I knew so much about router tables until I came across SKIL RAS900. I’m not talking about the great design or visible features, but one of the best SKIL routers tables you’ll ever come across. Unlike the previous versions of SKIL router tables, everything seems to be perfectly in place.

The Best Choice For Professional Woodworkers

You don’t need hours to set it up, it has the best features you’ll find with any router table and the best part is, it is easy to use. To get a clear picture of what I’m talking about here is an overview of its noticeable features.


Key features

  • Comes with a Router Mounting that has easy bit changes and there is no need for leveling.
  • Included are two containers and a quick clamp system.
  • A combination of a Starter pin and a guard makes it easy to support your work piece when working on curved ages of a router.
  • Two feather boards that are quite useful when trying to achieve accurate routing by guiding a work piece.
  • Has storage containers to store and protect accessories
  • For accurate cuts, you have a Bit Height gauge that makes it easy to set up.
  • Weighs 32 pounds that are quite light compared to router tables its type
  • Measures 27.7-inch by 17.7-inch by 9.5-inch

Why SKIL RAS900 Router table?

One disadvantage of using most router tables is the hardship in setting them up. This is one thing you must clear off your mind when you come across the SKIL RAS900. Unlike most router tables its type, the SKIL RAS900 comes pre-assembled, meaning that you don’t need to put in too much effort to set it up. Half an hour is just enough to have everything in place and working.

For easy movement and storage, it has foldable legs, an integrated storage bag for accessories, a self-contained structure and much more accessory storage compartments for storing useful parts such as router bits and fence. Other admirable features include two feather boards, a guard, bit inserts and a miter gauge.

Also included is a tall fence having a laminated MDF faces that are adjustable, a guard and a starter pin. For accuracy and ease of use, you have a bit height gauge, a router mounts that detaches and attaches in no time and more. Here are some of the reasons you might find it convenient.



  • Accessory storage: When routing, you have more than enough accessories that need proper storage for ease of use. SKIL RAS900 router table has a storage bag, a self-contained structure and many more accessory storage compartments making it easier to store and access everything you need when working.
  • Foldable legs: One thing that makes router tables less admirable is that they aren’t easy to store or move around. With SKILL RAS900 router table, you have less to worry about. Unlike most of its competitors, it has foldable legs making it easier to store and move around.
  • Accurate routing and precise cuts: SKILL RAS900 comes with two feather boards that help guide the work pieces so that you achieve an accurate routing. Also included is a starter pin and a Bit Height that makes it easy to set up as well as improves the accuracy of cuts.
  • Easy to set up and use: Unlike most of its competitors, you don’t need hours to set it up. According to manufacturers and those who have used it, you need half an hour for everything to set up everything. You don’t need a manual to use it simply because everything is quite clear.

Few things you might not like about it

  • No Manual: Most of the time if you are a beginner, a manual is vital simply because it is the only way to ensure you have everything in place. Unlike other SKIL router tables, RAS900 doesn’t come with a downloadable manual making it harder to use it, especially if it is your first time. The good news is, unlike other router tables, you don’t really need the manual simply because it is easy to use.
  • Plastic parts: Router tables should be strong enough and be able to last you a lifetime. This is quite hopeless when you have some of its components made of plastic. Unfortunately for the SKIL RAS900, it is the plastic that supports it. If you are not careful enough, the plastic might break. Fortunately enough, it is also one of the lightest router tables on the market, meaning that it won’t break up easily because of its weight.

What others say about it

The RAS900 is undoubtedly one of the best router tables priced $129 approximately. Unfortunately, this is not what every user thinks. Despite its good features, ease of use and better performance, there are a few users who feel it needs some improvements. The good news is, not everyone thinks the same.

More than enough users think it is one of the best on the market and does nothing less than recommending it. Ease of set up and use is coming out clearly as one of the things liked by most users. Others praise the fact that you don’t need to work so hard to make accurate cuts simply because it features two feather boards, Bit heights and a starter pin that guide the workpieces for accuracy.

Contrary to what happy users are saying, there are those who feel that the manufacturers left a lot of things when designing the SKIL RAS900 Router Table. The fact that it is being supported by plastic makes it less reliable simply because it can easily break. Others are finding the inability to download its manual quite disturbing since downloadable manuals make tasks such as assembling and use much easier.

As you can see, not all find it quite fascinating, but we can rely on the fact that, these issues vary from one user to the next. Summing up all the user reviews, the final rating for SKIL RAS900 settles at 4.1 stars after 93 customer reviews that are quite high compared to its competitors. We can say that, it is not the best but deserves giving a try.

Final words

We can’t do away with the fact that we have more than enough router tables on the market to choose from. However, we might give SKIL RAS900 credit for being among the best. A combination of simplicity and performance makes it a better choice compared to the highly sophisticated and bulky router tables that are also expensive.

The truth is, you need not worry so much when using this kind of a router table unlike what we see with its closest rivals on the market. You only require half an hour to put it up, and the best part is, you don’t need to be an expert to use it.

One fact we can’t do away with is that it isn’t perfect that is also the main reason it can’t get a 5-star rating. However, looking at what we have on the market, there is no router table with the same price that can match what it has to offer. The truth is, SKIL RAS900 is one of the best SKIL router tables you will ever come across…

Bench Dog ProTop Router Table Review

You can never fail to get what you want when it comes to router tables on the market. But one thing doesn’t come easy. That is, finding a router table that combines precision, adequate working space, ease of use and salient features in one great performance.

Even when you think you have the right one, you’ll always miss a thing or two. This is one thing that makes the 40-001 outstanding. Unlike other router tables on the market, this one seems to have all the answers most professional woodworkers look for. Take a look for yourself.


  1. Aluminum miter accessory track is adjustable to fit all standard miter gauges
  2. Includes 22″ ProFence with integrated 2-1/2″ dust port
  3. 24″x 16″non-marring laminate top
  4. Recesses secure table between 2 x 4s
  5. Rubber feet prevent slipping
  6. Enclosed birch plywood cabinet reduces dust and noise

Key Specifications

  • Acrylic Insert that accepts almost all routers
  • A router table measuring 16-inch by 22-inch with its top laminated with plastic
  • Aluminium fence that has T-Slots
  • Measurements: 26.8” x 22.8” x 5.1”
  • Weight: 43.2 pounds
  • 2-year warranty

Why Choose Bench Dog 40-001 Pro Top Contractor Bench Top Router Table?

You might have a particular router table in mind when you go out looking for one, but what I’m quite sure of is that coming across Bench Dog 40-001 Pro Top Router Table will leave you startled. Bench Dog boasts of its compact design, ease of use and its sophisticated features that many woodworkers look for.

It also features a dual position fence and a forward offset router location that gives you an adequate workspace unlike what you’ll find with other router tables on the market. Other things to admire are the Pro Fence featuring a dust port, a router insert plate that is pre-drilled and an aluminum meter accessory track that works with most routers. You may also admire the plywood cabinet that works best to minimize the noise while in use. Here are some good reasons you might find it quite outstanding compared to its closest competitors on the market.


What You Might Like About It


Whether you are a pro woodworker or just an amateur trying to tackle some home-based tasks, you need something that will make your work easier. You need a router table that will allow you to achieve precision without working so hard, and that is where this Pro Top Router Table come in. It offers guidance, versatility and everything you’ll need to achieve precision.

Working space

When working on tougher projects, the last thing you need to haunt you is the working space. Bench Dog 40-001 Router Table features a non-marring laminate top that measures 24’’ by 16’’ to give you an adequate working space. The top is also constructed using stress skin for flatness and strength.


Working with a router table can sometimes be messy especially when you don’t have all the time to clean your workshop. Unlike most router tables on the market, Bench Dog Router Table comes with a birch plywood cabinet that is enclosed and works best to reduce the dust and noise hence gives you an easy time when working on tougher projects.

Easy to use

Most router tables don’t allow you to work on most routers only because their inserts are not designed to accept several router types but, specific ones. This one features an acrylic insert and a predrilled router plate that makes installing a variety of router types from popular brands such as Fein, Bosch, Hitachi and more much easier. It also features an inbuilt cabinet that offers a lot of space for all sorts of routers and other useful accessories.

What You Might Not Like About It

The size

Most users complain about the router table being small. However, this doesn’t affect the working space in any way possible. Despite the small size, it features a top that measures 24” by 16” providing you with an adequate working space.

Compatible routers

Bosh 1617/1618
Craftsman Fixed base
Dewalt DW621
Dewalt DW625
Dewalt DW616/618 Series
Fein RT-1800
Hitachi M12VC
Makita 1100 Series
Milwaukee 5615-20/5618-20
Porter-Cable 690/890 Series
Porter-Cable 7529 Plunge
Ridgid 2900
Ryobi 161k
Ryobi 180PL
Skill 1823/35/40/45-02

What Others Say About It

Apart from its astounding features and more, going through user reviews of the product will leave you startled. Here are some of the things a few happy customers had to say.

While many love this product, other find that the size of the table is a bit small and quite limiting when it comes to serious work.


Summary Of Customer Reviews And Ratings

Summing up all the reviews, the Bench Dog 40-001 Pro Top Contractor Router Table settles at a 4.3-star rating after 207 user reviews. More than 60 percent of the users are happier to have it on the market.

Others are not satisfied with its small size and to make up for it, the manufacturers ensured that its size isn’t one of the hindrances when using the table. They made sure that the top was large enough to handle any tough project. Trying to compare with other available options on the market, the higher rating, and positive reviews make Bench Dog 40-001 Pro Top Contractor Bench Dog Router Table one of the best router tables on the market today.

Buy It from Amazon

Not all dealers are genuine. Not all will give you the exact Bench Dog 40-001 Pro Top Contractor Bench Dog Router Table, but its replica. To be sure you have the right product and at a fair price, you need to buy it at

The Bottom line

There are a lot of router tables on the market, meaning that you can’t run out of options. What you must remember is that, not all router tables are equal and to avoid any regrets, it is vital that you do a thorough research. Well, I did my research, and this is one router table you might want to give a try. As you can see, it offers you a variety of useful features; it is easy to use, and most importantly, a larger percentage of its users find it convenient.

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table Review

You can’t perfectly create an antique from any piece of wood without having the right tools. That’s one fact not even the most talented carpenters can’t do away with. The main struggle here is making a wise investment, and not just going for anything that would just do the job. You need a tool that will make your work easier for an extended period. Most call it a router table, but its exact name is, ‘PRS2100 Kreg Bench Top Router Table.’

Steady, Reliable Benchtop Router Table with Cam Clamps and a Big MDF Table Top

It might sound like an exaggeration, but the truth is, this is one workshop tool that will make you a working machine. According to users, its performance is ultimately the best, comes with remarkable features and most importantly, cheaper compared to its closest rivals. It is also one of the top-rated router tables you will ever come across. You may not buy my word for it, but check out for yourself what this simple machine has in store for you.

Key Features of the PRS2100 Kreg Bench Top Router Table

  • Three Level-Loc reducing rings
  • Markings engraved with a laser for mounting a router
  • Upgraded high-quality fence made using aluminum (anodized)
  • New cam clamps
  • Sliding faces that are adjustable
  • Large table made using MDF
  • Miter gauge slot
  • Thick rubber feet
  • Predrilled holes

What Is So Unique About this Kreg Bench Top Router Table?

The Kreg PRS2100 is one machinery that will give your workshop a professional touch. Compared to previous Kreg’s versions, it is quite elegant, and the best part is, it offers more than enough admirable features.

The insert plate measures 9-1/4-inch by 11-3/4 inch by 3/8 inch that is large enough to support big routers. It also comes with three Level-Loc rings that work best to twist into place, flush with the surface of the plate.kreg-benchtop-router-table

A look at the underside reveals markings engraved with a laser that functions best to ease mounting the router.

For better precision, this router table comes with insert levelers, bench top router, and a high-quality fence. For safety and convenience, the PRS2100 has cam clamps that make it easier to adjust the high-quality fence as well as locking it in place. It is also one of the quietest router tables you will ever come across.

kreg-benchtop-router-tableThe Kreg PRS2100 is made using a very thick MDF whose primary purpose is to dampen vibration. A piece of thick rubber that helps reduce the noise while you are working is also fitted together with the table. If you are looking for something that will serve you for a very long time without compromising the quality of work, then you will find its sturdy steel stand quite fascinating.

This Bench Top Router Table promises to be an ideal router table for your workshop.

Below is an honest look at the pros and cons of this magnificent router table.


  • Safe And Stable: One trick to making accurate cuts and curves is working on a stable machine. Fortunately for Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table, you don’t need to sweat it. This simple router table features a very stable bench top having a large MDF table top; it also comes with cam clamps, and the best part is, it can handle even the largest routers making it one of the most convenient router tables you will find in the market.
  • Easy To Use: As mentioned earlier, this is also one router table that will make your work easier simply because everything seems to be in its place. It comes with an Industrial-quality fence made of anodized aluminum. The cam clamps make adjusting seamless and firmly locking into place the adjustable Kreg’s fence and thus making your work easier.
  • Flexible: One reason this amazing router table scares its competitors out of the market is the fact that it is flexible. Unlike the previous versions, the PRS2100 features a router insert plate that is full sized. You can use the 3 Level-Loc rings to insert and to lock the router into place. You don’t have to worry about the router sizes either. This Kreg’s masterpiece works best with almost all sizes, specifically the large sized routers.
  • Operates Quietly: Noise might interfere with your focus, and no carpenter wants that. Unlike most router tables you will come across on the market, this Router Table features an open design making it one of the quietest table routers you can find on the market.


  • Plastic Parts: The plastic parts aren’t as durable as said to be: As mentioned earlier in the article, this is one of the strongest table routers you can find on the market. Other users don’t feel the same way simply because some of its parts such as the fence are made of plastic.

Kreg Benchtop Router Table Overview

What Do Others Say?

the-best-router-tableIf you are looking for an affordable router table that would serve you well, the Kreg PRS2100 benchtop router will undoubtedly be your ideal choice. However, just like any other product, it can’t escape some criticism.

There are more than enough customers who consider it one of the best as well as those who think it needs some improvements. Most clients attest to the fact that it is easy to assemble, easy to work with, performs best, and comes with more than enough exciting features and more.

Contrary to what happy users are saying, few dissatisfied users claim that it isn’t quite reliable as they say it is. It has several issues that need to be fixed such as, the screw head not fitting well inside the miter gauge. The plastic fence seems not to please many as well.

The good news is, not all have the same issues, meaning that those with faults are just a few that were improperly put together. Summing up all the reviews, its settles at a 5-star Rating after one review which is quite promising.

The Bottom-line

Highly sophisticated machines such as router tables offer a great challenge when it comes to choosing. If you aren’t careful enough, you are likely to end up spending too much on something only to regret later. Fortunately for the Kreg PRS2100, everything is quite clear, meaning that you don’t have to spend three-quarter of your precious time doing research.

It offers more than enough new and exciting features that make it easier to use. Unlike Kreg’s previous versions, it offers a lot of workspaces making it simpler to complete tasks quickly. However, just like any other router table on the market, you can’t miss a few faulty ones. I might not be the best judge here, but I must say that this is one router table that would serve you best for a very long time.

Portable Router Table Reviews: Reasons to Give Them a Try

Most carpenters often assume that lighter machines perform worst simply because they are less sturdy and have few features. This isn’t a fact with regards to portable router tables. The main trick here is getting things done in time on-the-go with little effort. Just as the name suggest, portable router tables are easily movable, safe and most importantly, easy to work with. To get a clear understanding what this means, here is a brief overview of the features.

Light, Foldable with Accessory Storage Containers

Key Features

  • Ability to fold: Most are foldable making it easier to carry around especially when you have to travel to complete your work somewhere else far from your workshop.
  • Accessory storage containers: They also have storage containers that allow you to keep safely all useful accessories that you will be using.
  • Lighter in weight: For easy transportation, most these router tables are much lighter compared to other types of router table.
  • Small in size: One best feature is that they are often smaller in size so that they can fit anywhere, for example, in your car when travelling.

As you can see, they have almost everything needed to make your work easier. Unfortunately, not all are equal. Just like any other router table on the market, these king of router tables differ in prices, features and most importantly, performance. To get what suits your needs, it is vital that you go through every detail when choosing one. To save you the headache, here are some of the two best router tables you can choose from.

Portable Router Table

Trim Router Table

portable-router-tableIf you are too cautious about what comes out of your pocket then giving Trim Router Table a try will do you some good.

It is much lighter, approximately 6.7 pounds, easy to set up and the best part, features a large level base offering you more space to work on. At the back, you will see several pre-drilled holes that allows you to attach a clamping strip making your work much easier.

You don’t need tools to detach the router from your table. This is one that has no limits. You can do almost everything with it. To understand why this router table makes one of your best choices, here are some of its salient features.


  • Weight: 6.7 pounds
  • Measurements: (3/4 inches)(11-1/2 inches)(15-1/2inches
  • Predrilled acrylic base that measures 1/4-inch thick and 5-3/4 in diameter
  • T-knobs to make adjustments for the fence faster

Skil RAS800 Router Table

portable-router-table-bestIf you are looking for something that you can carry with you to any place, then Skil Router Table is undoubtedly your best answer. It might not get all the credits, but I’m sure it deserves more than it gets.

It is already assembled meaning that you don’t have to waste any time setting it up. It is accompanied by an integrated storage bag where you can store your accessories such as router bits and fence when working. Other admirable features include a feather board, a guard, miter gauge and bit inserts.

What puts this simple workshop tool on top of its competitors is the folding design that makes it easy to store and carry around when travelling. A combination of stability and convenience makes it one of the best choices for a person working alone. Here are some of the reasons you might want to give it a try.


  • Weight: 21.4 pounds
  • Measurements: 25.3’’ x 15.8’’ x 9.4’’
  • Storage containers for accessories
  • Big height gauge
  • Feather boards for accuracy
  • Router mounting for easier changing of bits

Foldable router tables make your work relatively easier and faster because they are much lighter. They also have more than enough useful features. The truth is, they are the best, but not everyone sees it that way. Just like any other router table on the market, there are those who think they work best as well as those who feel it isn’t the best choice for heavy duty jobs. Here are some of its pros as well as its cons.


  • Lighter: The main reason they are referred to as ‘portable’ is that fact that they are much lighter compared to regular router tables. They are made of lighter materials and smaller in size making them easier to move and carry around.
  • Foldable: The ability to fold, reduces the size of the table making it easier to pack and store that is quite useful when travelling.
  • Easier To Use: One great benefits of using this kind of a router table is that it is easy to use. Everything is much clear and most importantly, you don’t have to work so hard trying to set them up.
  • Astounding Features: Apart from being the lightest router table you will find on the market, they comes with features meant to make your work easier. For example, most of them feature a storage bag; you can use to keep your accessories while working. The overall design is also quite appealing.


  • Durability Issue: One of the things that might put you off when going through portable router table features is the fact that they are not stronger compared to the heavier router tables available in the market. This is because they are supposed to be much lighter. Most of their parts are made of plastic that may easily break off while working.
  • Not Meant For Heavy Duty Jobs: The first time you go to the market looking for something much stronger, and one that will help you accomplish hefty tasks, you are probably not going to choose a light router table. They are not sturdy enough to handle heavy tasks. They are made of much lighter materials that may wear off quickly.


Is a portable router table worth a try? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. What I’m sure of is that no one likes to work under pressure and with a machine with limits. The truth is, they are designed in such a way to help you do a perfect job in no time.

They have no limits, meaning that you can do your work anywhere anytime. It isn’t a must for your clients to visit your workshop to get the job done. Instead, you can take your services to them. these router tables are easy to carry around, store and the best part is, they perform best. Why not give it a try?