Bench dog router lift review

There are just some tools you can’t miss in your workshop. Bench Dog Prolift router lift is without a doubt one of them.  With an adjustment resolution of 0.001’’, you don’t need to invest in any costly digital readout to achieve the results of your liking. Bench Dog Prolift offers you a type of speed, accuracy, and range you’ll rarely find with any other tool its type. Check out these amazing features.

Key Specifications

  •  Bronze Preload nuts
  • Twin Ball bearings
  • Direct-drive lead screw
  • Cast iron plate that is ultra-flat
  • Works with a variety of routers
  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • Measures 14.4’’ by 13.6’’ by 9.9.”


Why Buy Bench Dog Prolift?

ProLift is a router lift that will work best for tough regular projects. In fact, it is one of the best choices for the sturdiest porter cable 7518 routers. With the integral fins that keep the cool air flowing, it will work for hours without compromising the quality of outcome.

It features a direct drive mechanism that enables the chains, gears, and belts to run smoothly hence the high performance. ProLift offers you a chance to enjoy an unrivaled linear motion speed plus a variety of attractive features you won’t find with any other router lift.

It comes with a heavy duty bronze bushings that enable it to withstand regular use. It is also one router lift that will maintain its higher performance regardless of the Bench Dog router table you choose to use. With a plate measuring 8-1/4″ by 11-3/4″, a plastic insert ring having a 1-1/2-inch opening that works with large opening inserts, it is one of the fastest and strongest lifts you’ll ever come across.

Bench Dog ProLift is undoubtedly at the top of its performance and hasn’t found a perfect match yet. Prolift’s astounding performance. Its salient features and smooth operation put at the top of the best router lifts currently on the market. Here are some of the reasons you’ll want to buy it after your first encounter.

What to like about Bench Dog ProLift Router Lift

No need for making constant adjustments: If you are looking for a router lift that will give you an easy time, then ProLift is your answer. With a Bronze Preload lift nut, you don’t need to worry about back driving that might result from vibration eliminating the need of making adjustments all the time.

Won’t get sloppy with time: Unlike other lifts on the market, it comes with a direct-drive lead screw that acts faster and cleans itself removing all the dust that prevent it from clogging up and getting sloppy making it the most convenient router lifts for demanding projects.

Strong and stable for all router weights: Most lifts you’ll get on the market features cheap sleeves that make them a bad choice for heavy routers. Bench Dog ProLift comes with two twin ball bearings strong enough to support some of the heaviest routers on the market.

A cast iron plate that is ultra-flat for precision: ProLift features a cast iron that measures 1-1/4’’ by 11-3/4’’ and fits all the Bench Dog router tables on the market enabling you to achieve precision without a sweat.

What you might not like about it

Some users feel that the manufacturers didn’t focus on improving the inserts surrounding the smaller bits. These inserts are made out of a thin plastic that requires an installation of three small screws before use. If you don’t have screws nearby, it might be impossible to use the router lift.

What others say about it

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to choose Bench Dog Prolift over other lifts on the market, but this doesn’t make it a perfect choice for every woodworker. The good news is, more than 85% of its users think it is the best on the market. Going through the reviews in Amazon, Rockler, and many other sites, it is quite clear that ProLift is offering most of its users the promise made to them by the manufacturers.

There are more than enough claims that it is one of the sturdiest built lifts on the market. There are also a few claims about its performance when it comes to speed, precision and more.  On the other hands, there are those who feel manufactures didn’t involve much effort in ensuring ProLift met every need of a regular woodworker.

A few users aren’t impressed with the type of insert the manufacturers incorporated. The main issue here is, the insert that is made of plastic must be attached with three screws before use, meaning that if you don’ have the screws anywhere near you when working, you might lose the motivation of completing your projects perfectly and in time.

Summing up all the reviews on Amazon, eBay, Rockler and many other similar sites, ProLift Bench Dog Router lift settles at a 4.5 rating after more than 50 reviews making it one of the most liked and highly rated routers lifts of its type on the market. With this kind of rating, it clear that most users are impressed. Why not you?

The Bottom Line

I might not say it is the best on the market, but what I must say is that it is one router lift that is designed to meet every need, handle any challenge and the best part, has all the features needed to make your work easier. Besides which router lift offers you a 0.001-inch resolution, unrivaled linear motion speed and desirable features at the same time?

The truth is, you’ll have to spend a little bit more to get anything close. ProLift was designed with a regular woodworker in mind. Manufacturers were aware of how devastating regular use can be, and that is why they included the heavy duty bronze bushings. In addition to its salient features, it is also one of the fastest and sturdily built lifts on the market. In short, ProLift is one router that has almost everything a pro woodworker looks for. The only way to find out is to give it a try.