Putting your woodworking ideas together before getting started is the recommended approach for every aspiring woodworker. The experts already know this while for beginners, kick-starting the process with furniture design will take your craft from the beginner’s stage to the expert level.

Although you can choose to use the conventional pen and paper to create furniture designs, the digital transformation prevalent today has also hit the craft of furniture making. This means you now have hundreds of digital tools that simplify the process of designing furniture.

Today, we intend to ease your search for the best furniture design software by highlighting the top 7 apps you should consider. This post will also discuss the features that make these apps the top-ranking apps within their field.

7 Furniture Design Apps to Have

Furniture Design

This user-friendly application is a best-in-class furniture design tool that comes with an attractive layout, the tools to design your furniture, and an impressive library to help you get started. Furniture Design is free and the free version comes with Ads.

furniture design

You can choose to remove the Ads by going for its premium offering. The features of this application include:

  • 2D drawing or drafting tools that enable you to create furniture designs from scratch, view designs by zooming in and out, as well as, edit older designs.
  • High-quality photorealistic images which make viewing your dimensions and designs easy. The app also integrates the use of note documentation to keep records of your bill of materials and other call-outs that explain the design.
  • An extensive library of components that can be used when designing furniture.

Elegant Wood Furniture Design

Having ideas that get your creative juices flowing can be important to the furniture design process and this app provides you with many inspirations. With the Elegant Wood Furniture Design app, you get access to tens of minimalistic design ideas and details on the cost of recreating them or purchasing finished items.

elegant wood furniture design

Although the app focuses on shelves and cabinets, you can also use its design tools to accomplish more. The features of this application include:

  • Drag and drop tools to create shelves, a combination of shelves, and furniture for rooms.
  • 2D visualization support which allows you to view your design alongside other furniture within a room. Thus, you get a room with your furniture arranged in it to add an extra level of realism to your design.
  • The option to share your designs on social media platforms or with family and friends.

Design Wood Furniture

The design wood furniture app should be seen as more of an interior decoration software than a design application. This is because it provides you with hundreds of layouts and room designs with furniture within them to motivate you when choosing furniture designs.

design wood furniture

You do not get actual design tools with this application but you get an extensive library of furniture and the choice to test their aesthetics against various backgrounds. The features of this application include:

  • Drag and drop tools that enable you to import furniture into its interface.
  • Numerous furniture designs within room interiors can inspire your next woodworking project or enable you to determine how you want a room to be designed.
  • A premium carpenter menu that provides you with the tools needed to create your designs from scratch. The Carpenter suite of tools comes with a subscription cost that must be paid to access these tools.

Bed Furniture Design

As its name highlights, this application is dedicated to helping you design the best furniture for your bedroom. This includes bed frames and other furniture that can be found in most rooms. The app provides you with hundreds of bed and furniture designs that you can choose from or use as the inspiration for your next design.

bed furniture design

The bed furniture design app also provides you with the tools needed to create your designs if needed. The features of this application include:

  • Drawing tools to help you create bed designs of different shapes and sizes according to your specific needs. You can also add dimensions to the bed frames when designing it.
  • Finishing tools that enable you to add color, texture, and hues to your design. Thus, creating an aesthetically pleasing design which forms the blueprint for the carpentry project that is to come.
  • You can also choose to place your bed designs into rooms similar to yours to view how it would look in real-time. This helps when you have more than two designs that you are interested in.

Modern Bed Furniture Design

Ensuring your room is comfortable to rest in starts with choosing the right bed frames or furniture for it. Thus, this application wants you to make the right choice that maximizes your comfort by providing you with multiple tools for designing modern bedroom furniture. The app also comes with an extensive catalog of modern bed frames which you could choose from or edit to create something that better fits your requirements.

App for furniture design - modern bed design

The features of the modern bed furniture design application include:

  • Hundreds of bed design ideas made from wood with some instructions about the design and executing the carpentry task needed to produce the furniture.
  • The option to showcase selected bed frames within rooms to understand how the selected furniture may fit into existing rooms.
  • The option of sharing your bed furniture design through chat applications such as WeChat and WhatsApp. Also, you can share your favorite bed furniture designs on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Minimalist Iron Bed Design

Apps for designing or viewing iron bed designs are also not left out from this list. The Minimalist Iron Bed Design is one example of an app that provides you with many contemporary iron bed designs you have most likely not seen.

app for furniture design - a bed

Although iron beds are not made by woodworkers, the designs within this app may inspire you to recreate some of the most appealing options using wood. the features of this application include:

  • Hundreds of minimalist ideas for iron beds which you can choose to explore.
  • The choice of integrating selected designs into room backgrounds and the option of sharing captivating designs with others.

Wooden Bed Designs

The popularity of wooden beds in both domestic and commercial outfits such as hotels is at an all-time high. This is due to the level of comfort, durability, and stability wood brings to relaxation and sleep. Recognizing this popularity, the Wooden Bed Designs app focuses on providing you with the best bed designs you can make using wood.

The app consists of diverse contemporary, rustic, and traditional bed designs all made from wood. The features of this app include:

  • A vast collection of wooden bed furniture designs to choose from
  • A visualization feature that enables you to view bed designs in 2D and drop selected designs into room environments to see how they fit.
  • The option to share selected designs across social media platforms and other communication applications.


Beds are integral parts or furniture pieces for every home and your design choice adds some style to the overall aesthetics and ambiance of your room. If you are looking for inspirational designs to choose from or to create bed furniture from scratch, the apps outline here are up to the task of helping you turn your dreams into reality.